Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I am very excited to finally have my blog up and running, i have dreamed of you for what seems like forever, i have so much i want to say and do.. but some how now you are here, i am unsure of what to say, i'm nervous and feel a little shy.

I'm sure with time i will get used to things and the words will start to flow. For now i will get working on my profile and get some pics up

x jody


  1. Hi. Just came across your blog from the Kidspot site ( I echo your sentiments above. I know the feeling of just starting out. That's me too though I've way less followers. Just trying to figure out where this journey will take me. P.S: I think we've crossed paths on Instagram! :-)

  2. Love reading back to the first post on all these blogs I have found and I totally relate to this post! That first post is so overwhelming! All these dreams and ideas of what you want to put on your blog and then you open up that very first post and realise you have to write about just one thing? How can that be? Im enjoying reading back over your blog Jody x


Thank you so much for stopping by, i love hearing from every one of you! xx

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