Monday, 2 May 2011

First Night Off . .

Tonight was the first night i have not put my kidlets to bed. No parental duties in sight. For one or both, i have always been there to do the bed  time thing. Two years and eight months to be exact of putting babies to bed. The bath. The jarmies and nappies. The milk. The story telling. The hugs and the 'one more kiss muma'.

Don't get me wrong i've never had to do it alone, hubby is the master of bedtime, but it's always me, muma, that tucks them in and gives the final hugs and kisses. It's a sad and happy time. I'm sure some people must think it's crazy not to have someone else put your babies to bed at some stage or another. But for me, with Mum and Dad interstate and no family near by it has never been an option for us. { that is actually a little lie, my fabulous 25 year old brother is pretty local and he always offers to help, but has only ever babysat once the babies are fast asleep! which is brilliant, don't get me wrong! } And I don't mean to imply that i have not been out at night since having my lovelies, i often sneak in a mid-week dinner with a friend or two, and hubby and i will occasionally go out for a nice dinner once they are in bed and fast asleep.

But tonight was different, good and bad, i can't quiet decide yet. I had to go to a course for work which started at 6:30 { followed by drinks thank god } which meant i had to leave straight after dinner and left the remainder of the evening fun to hubby. Of course they were absolutely fine without me, little lady went down like a dream, she is so easy. The boy took a little more conversing, he has to always know what's going on and likes everything to be thoroughly explained to him, he tried to test the boundaries as only two and a half year olds know how. But Dad won't put up with that carry on. Both were fast asleep, dreaming sweet dreams by 7:36! Good job Dad!

So truth be told, it was i that missed them more than they had missed me. I cherish that special time we have together before sleep comes and the devils of the day turn into sleeping treasures of the night. Who knew they would survive with out me? It's too soon for them to not need there mum . . don't tell me its so.

I am a self confessed over protective mum, i love my little ones so much and worry like crazy when they are not close by, even though i know they are perfectly safe, i never like to say good bye .. but on the other hand .. after tonight, an evening without responsibility and a few glasses of wine i could surely get used to! It was pure bliss. I could even say it's just exactly what i needed!

x jody


  1. What a lovely blog you have. I too worry overmuchly about my three little pink people. Occupational hazzard?

  2. Thanks Caz! It's all part of the job i guess :)


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