Friday, 6 May 2011

A Grateful Post . .

I'm joining maxabella loves to share with you one of the many things i am grateful for..

Today on the eve of Mothers Day weekend, i am grateful for my grandmother. An amazing, beautiful woman. Kind, compassionate and giving. She has always been an inspiration to me. Family was the most important thing to her, and it breaks my heart that she will never get to meet mine.

I know it is a bit cliché, but i am also forever grateful for my own mum. Without these two women i wouldn't be who or where i am today.

So much love for you both.

What are you grateful for this week?

x jody


  1. Beautiful photos of some beautiful women! And who cares if it sounds cliche- Mums rock!!

    Have just discovered your blog through Maxabella's grateful post. Can't wait to have a look around and read more of your posts xxx

  2. I always love to know stories of the female generations in families. Such love and special memories to be shared. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow. I found you through Maxabella just as you found me too! xx

  3. It is a very true cliche, i adore my mum! Lovely post x

  4. It's not cliche'd. It's perfect. It's right, it's how it's meant to be. The woman who raise us and the women who come before...they are the foundation of the women we become. They, more than anything else, are our heritage.

    Have a wonderful Mothers' Day. Thank you for dropping in on my blog. You were very sweet. :)

  5. :) that's wonderful! thanks for coming to say hello at my blog, it's wonderful to find new friends in blogland! x

  6. Lovely post! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me too :)

  7. A lovely, moving post, Jody.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day xx

  8. Hi Jody, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm so happy to read this post of yours today. It wasn't until I was older that I realised how lucky we are if we have a grandmother who has had such a huge impact on our lives - not everyone has this. I'm so thankful that one set of my grandparents (they are 80) have been able to meet, know and love my daughters - I'm so sorry you haven't had the same - she has the most beautiful caring eyes - I think your words 'kind, compassionate and giving' look like they absolutely sum her up. Happy Mothers Day xx

  9. Beautiful post Jody, Mama's and Nana's are THE best!
    Thank you for finding my blog, I'm so glad I have now found yours and can follow your adventures from here on :o)

  10. Beautiful! mother's mother was the same and was adored by all who knew her :)
    It too saddens me that my younger two will only ever know them through our words and photos.


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