Friday, 27 May 2011

Grateful . .

This week i am grateful for happy days and motivation.

I'm not sure what it was.. maybe yesterdays post some how triggered my subconsciousness.

Today was one of those amazing happy days. A day were everything went my way and everything fell into place.
A perfectly timed kinder drop off. Coffee and a spot of shopping with a friend. A surprisingly well behaved little lady. A very happy boy on pick up. And a great two hour sleep for both!

Best of all - i got so much done! With the little ones snoozing, i powered through all my house work!
I felt so motivated. Surprisingly they continued to play happily together for the whole afternoon and i ticked all those extra little things i'd been meaning to do off my list.
It feels so satisfying. My house looks beautiful. My kiddlets so happy and helpful.

I am feeling very grateful and oh so happy!

Thank you happy days and thank you motivation!
{more days like these, please!}

What are you grateful for this week?

I am joining in with maxabella loves, pop over to join in too. 

Have a lovely weekend!

x jody

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  1. Well done Jody, you turned it around in just a day! I also love days like that... few and far between... but so wonderful when they do happen. Happy Weekend to you xo

  2. Sounds perfect! I love those days. When I first landed on your page I could only see the top of the pic and I thought it was a VERY pregnant bellie - lol! Caz

  3. It's incredible how an organised house can bring such feelings of satisfaction! Sounds like a simply great day... enjoy your weekend, Jody! gxo

  4. how i love a clean house! Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  5. awesome! i love those days!!! and this is my first time to your blog and i love it!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day! So great that you can stop and be grateful for it too. There's something about a clean house and happy play that always puts a smile on my face too. xx

  7. Isn't it wonderful when it all runs smoothly ... Hope your weekend has be fantastic too!


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