Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lose the Fear

These words really speak to me. I need to lose my fear. I have always feared being wrong. Throughout my life i have always aimed to please. Don't get me wrong i can certainly stand up for myself and i consider myself to be quite a strong person. But in some aspects of my life i realize i really need to take charge, i need to lose my fear of the unknown. i need to learn new things and allow my creative side to shine. I know it is in me, deep down. Lost in the sea of motherhood, a place that i am so thankful to be. I don't wish to be anywhere else, yet i would just like it to come with a side of creative, please.

I am hoping this blog is a new beginning for me. A place i can learn, share and grow. I know i am capable. I just need to make time and gather momentum. Let the fear drift away. Try new things. Time not to be afraid, to be or do wrong. 

Time to just be me.

x jody

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  1. I have that need to please and a fear of being wrong, or somehow not being good enough. If you want it to happen, you will make it happen. And it may take a little while, especially with your babies so small. I began dreaming about starting my little business when my second child was born. It took me four years and two more babies to pluck up the courage - but here I am. "Living the dream" hehe!

  2. Tackling the fear is the hardest part but, by trying new things, I'm slowly learning it's not all that bad! gxo

  3. I think there is a bit of that fear in all of us Jody. I know for sure it's in me. I am also seeing my blog as a way of learning new things and developing myself... even if it's through reinvention. Good luck with the creativity, I'll look forward to seeing it unfold :o)


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