Friday, 20 May 2011

Macaron Needle Felting!

Last night i was lucky enough to attend a secret needle felting workshop, run by the ever so lovely and talented Cintia from my poppet!

I had no idea even what felting was, but since i have been trying to get more in touch with my crafty side, and had been drooling over the macarons in the my poppet online shop, i thought i should have a go at making them! (sorry ladies no macarons of the eating variety here today - maybe that could be next weeks project!?)

We all got our own pads, felting needles and all Cinti's wonderful felting knowledge and set off on making our very own macarons! It wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be and i had a super fun time!  Best of all we had a bit of extra time and got to make a sweet little toadstool too!

I am quiet pleased with my effort and actually think mine turned out pretty good!

The kids loved them..
What do you think?

Now armed with my own bag of roving wool, a heap of knowledge and ideas, its time to create. Not sure what i'll make next but somehow i think i might be hooked!

To find out more about felting or read Cinti's round up of the evening check out her blog here.

x jody


  1. Oh my goodness totally adorable!
    My girlfriend wants me to join her for some felting classes. After seeing your cuties I think I might just take her up on that offer.

  2. I think they look adorable! What a gorgeous craft. Definitely exploring your creative side with these Jody.
    The macaroon looks good enough to eat ;o)
    Would love to see what you make next!

  3. VERY cute! After yesterday's post I thought for sure you would be creating some extravagant MasterChef style dessert! gxo


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