Thursday, 12 May 2011

Market Day . .

Thursday is market day at our house. Every week we head down to prahran market nice and early to get our share of fresh produce. We dance and sing to some wonderful music, the kidlets run around like crazy while i drink my well needed coffee! 

I love it, the variety is amazing, i have been going regularly for almost eight years so i definitely have my favorites. Fruit and vegetables always from Pino's fine produce, meat from Neils, deli goods and anything else you can imagine from Delicatess, the freshest seafood from Claringbolds, i can't ever miss a trip through the amazing Essential Ingredient, and i always head to Jasper's for the best coffee! There is also always the most amazing fresh flowers, i'm loving these gorgeous cabbage flowers i spotted today, aren't they amazing?

After all my shopping is done we head over to the court yard to listen to some cool tunes by Alex Espino, the kids love his mexican inspired songs and he has a huge collection of mini instruments and maracas for the kids to join in too! They have an absolute ball, it wears them out nicely and best of all its free!

If you live in Melbourne and haven't been, you have to get yourself down there! I'm there every week so come and say hi!

x jody

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  1. Sounds like a blast! I LOVE market days, we actually have one close by to where we live too! It is on Wednesdays. They have oodles of fresh produce, yummy food stalls and a petting zoo for the kiddies... just like a little taste of country in the city.
    Those cabbage flowers are gorgeous! I used many a bunch of those when decorating our unit for open house, when we were selling it. They are so unusual!


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