Monday, 23 May 2011

Much Love Monday

I am totally loving these cuties! Sweet little love heart Vans. 
My brother just brought them back from his trip to America. 
They are a little big, but i cant wait for her to be running around in them!
Adorable { even if i do say so myself! }

Joining the love at Much Love. You can join in too..

x jody


  1. wow, this is really cute!

  2. Oh they're soooo cute. I'm not a big shoes fan for myself, but when it comes to shoes for Miss 19mo I love a cute pair like this! :)

  3. Oh I completely agree! They are scrumptious. I am all for love hearts on things. Girls clothes and shoes are just too beautiful... Oh how I would love to dress my boys in love heart clothes, hehe! ;o)

  4. Oh how completely adorable! My daughter would absolutely love these (and me too...)!


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