Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This little piggy went to market. .

Ok so there weren't any piggy's, but there was a cute little animal farm thing down at the prahran market yesterday. Apparently it is there every week. I think if i had know this i would have been taking the kids there every Tuesday!

The kidlets absolutely loved it, could possibly be the best $4 i think i have ever spent! I'm not sure how much the animals loved it. I felt a little concerned and sorry for them, but the people who ran it assured me they were well cared for and treated kindly.

I could not get the boy and little lady out of there! We have been stuck at home for the past week in quarantine, with colds and chest infections. So they were super excited to be out and about and making some new furry friends.

The little lady proceeded to corner and kiss anything that moved, whereas the boy was a little more hesitant and took quiet a lot of convincing to get that guinea pig on his lap! 

It got me thinking how important animals and pets are in children's lives. We always had pets growing up. Rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, birds and turtles. We had them all and then some more. Hubby and I are feeling the time is approaching to get the kiddies are pet of there very own. I mean we already have a cat. She is elusive and un-child-friendly as cats can be {our baby before we had babies.}  And we have fish too.. But I would really like to get them a dog, maybe for Christmas, they would love a dog. 

Although... maybe we could get a rabbit in the mean time... yes, can you tell i am definitely an animal lover!

Do you have any pets? Can anyone recommend a dog breed that is good with kids??

x jody


  1. Oh I agree.... pets are a must! My little dog, when I was growing up, was a corgi, kelpie, cattle dog cross and he was gorgeous! (The result of a house dog socialising with the working dogs on my aunt and uncles property!) A kid's best friend. gxo

  2. Precious pics Jody. They're just so darn cute, your little ones :o)
    I grew up with many pets also, I loved it. I feel a little guilty we're depriving the boys of pets... it's just not possible in our tiny home.
    I hear the labs and golden retrievers are great with kids. We always had dalmatians when I was growing up and they were delightful. REALLY energetic though, so be warned, you'll be on your toes ;o)

  3. Pets are such a big part of our family life. Our babies before our babies were a cat and a german Shepherd. The cat is 17 now, the dog died almost 2 years ago. We now have a VERY energetic Fox Terrier. The kids are old enough to walk him on their own, and he comes for runs with me and walks with Hubby... he still had energy though! He is a family cog, but lots and lots of hard work!

  4. Adorable pics. I grew up in the country and had piles of all sorts of pets. I loved each and every one of them. I have two dogs, a loving and very affectionate staffy (he thinks he is human! at every chance he is sleeping on my toes.) and the other one is a crazy Jug (pug/jack russel). I have never come across such a high energy dog (she drives me nuts and is a huge amount of work).

    My girl friend has a retriever that is wonderful with her little kids, she puts up with everything and is so obedient. My staffy is great with my nephews. They lay all over him, pull him around and drive cars over him....


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