Thursday, 30 June 2011

All in the same boat. .

And i'm not talking about those cute little paper ones. I'm talking, colds, flus, aches, chills, headaches, pains, runny or blocked nose, congestion, dizziness, ear aches, fevers and head colds..

Seems everyone has something this week. I have read so many blog posts and know so many bloggers that are feeling under the weather. Myself included.

So lets all feel lousy and sorry for ourselves together. I know i am feeling absolutely miserable, i haven't felt this sick in years. So i apologize for not being around much this week, need to just lay low and try to get over this..

To my fellow sicky friends, take care, rest up and feel better soon. To all i hope you are having a better week than me.

x jody

{even poor little blogger is sick too, and it's taken me all day to publish this post!}



  1. oh no :( We have all had it, and still got it. I truly hope you are sailing on a real boat soon, or those paper ones look like fun! Get well xx

  2. Oh gosh there really is nothing worse is there.
    I swear by Horseradish, garlic and echinacea tablets at this time of the year it tends to keep the colds at bay. Oh and vicks on your feet at night with socks plus pop Vitamin C tablets on the hour every hour. I do it with the kids too.

    I hope you're feeling better soon lovely xx

  3. You poor little thing, that is awful :o( I had wondered where your sub shiny posts had got to. Sorry to hear you're so unwell. Hope you pick up real soon. Plenty of rest and good foods on the menu :o) Take care hun xo

  4. Sorry... that would be *sun* shiny posts... time for me to get to bed :o/

  5. Aww hope you're feeling better soon. Lots of tea and rest for you! x

  6. Feel better soon. I'm finally coming out the other side of this horrid flu - and wasn't it terrible. Hope is passes quickly at your house.

  7. Luckily i am starting to feel a little better today, thank you lovelies! x


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