Friday, 3 June 2011

Grateful . .

This week i am grateful for you

I am so appreciative of every single one of you. 

Each and every person that stops by and takes the time to read my little blog.

Every liker and follower, know you have made my day. 

I am grateful.

 I love reading every one of your comments.

They bring so much light and warmth into my day.

And mean so much to me. 

I am also so thankful for my own blog. 

My own little space in this big world, a space to just be me.

 For having discovered the blogging community,
and so many new and wonderful blogs.

Thank you to everyone who is reading this..

You mean more to me than you know.

x jody

Joining Maxabella , you can join in too ..

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  1. so lovely Jody! this community really is very supportive and heart warming, isn't it?! a lovely little acknowledgement of that from you in this post

    Gill xo

  2. Ah such a pleasure Jody. Your sentiments are felt by me also. Blogging is so much fun and SO addictive. It's just awesome meeting all these lovely people... as 'virtual' as it may be!
    I enjoy your blog thoroughly too, it's a happy, fresh space to visit each day xo

  3. I hear you Jody, I feel exactly the same way, it's also a nice feeling to connect with people who are like minded.

  4. So lovely Jody. You're so right, about having your own space... and about the wonderful blogging community.

  5. What a beautiful post Jody. I completely share your sentiment. This week I have been trying to comment more and more on blogs and I'm finding that in itself brings me so much joy. The blogging world is such a wonderful place to be. xx

  6. What a beautiful thing to say! I know exactly what you mean. Being so busy with life so often about other people (tiny ones in my case) it is so nice to have a space ALL ABOUT ME! I wish I had taken the plunge earlier! And how wonderful is it to meet so many amazing, likeminded people who genuinely like reading the things you have to say! By the way - love the layout/design of your blog - so crisp and fresh and yummy. Happy weekend!

  7. Well, that is just gorgeous, Jody.

    Love your name, too. Even if you do misspell it. ;)

    Happy blogging!

  8. Isn't blogging so fabulous? There's a whole new world 'out there'. I love it too. And I've met the most amazing people as a result! I hope you enjoy your blogging journey. (Also, it's a bit of therapy too, isn't it?) xx

  9. What a wonderful grateful post! It is lovely to have your own creative space....and yours is beautiful! xx
    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  10. Aaw, that is lovely. And same to you!
    Love the design of your blog, by the way. Simple and beautiful.

  11. That really made me smile. I'm so grateful to have just discovered your blog! It's beautiful! xx

  12. A lovely post Jody and my sentiments too! gxo

  13. i feel the same, i love that people take the time to see my little piece of the internet.

  14. I feel exactly the same. It's such a great thing to be grateful for isn't it.
    The blogging world is just delightful and I love visiting your part of it xx


Thank you so much for stopping by, i love hearing from every one of you! xx

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