Saturday, 11 June 2011


This week i am feeling super happy and grateful for the long weekend, and my Mum coming to visit!

I know its a little boring, but i am truly grateful for the extra days we will have together. Extra time to spend as a family. Made even more special with a visit from Grandma. It has been about four months since we have seen her. And the joy on all there faces once she arrived, was priceless. She was so surprised to see just how much the little ones have grown!

Grateful for Grandma love, time to be together, and a night out without the kids {yay!}

Off to make some memories!

I hope you have a special weekend too.
What memories did you/are you making?

Joining maxabella, you can join in too..

x jody


  1. Such a beautiful moment captured. X

  2. It's so special to have your Mum to come to visit. Your little ones look like they are having a wonderful time with her. Have a wonderful weekend Jody. xo

  3. Nope not boring. We were meant to escape Melbourne to visit the grandparents but sick children mean't we are home. Oh well, sometimes it good just to stop and take time out. three days should do it!

  4. Lovely, so, so lovely. I know exactly that contentment. You made me a bit teary since my mum has gone home today. I've felt a bit blue all day. Enjoy having your mum so close. x

  5. Lovely photo, it captures the joy so perfectly.
    Enjoy your time together and of course your date night xx

  6. i don't think it is boring at all. nothing boring about your little ones lighting up at the sight of a grandparent OR about making memories. I really enjoyed your post. Gill xo

  7. How gorgeous Jody, beautiful photo! WOW! 4 months is a long time, I bet everyone is enjoying their time together this weekend. My Mama hasn't seen the boys for a week and she was telling me on the phone today how much she misses them. Time spent with grandparents is super special.
    And that night out sans kiddies, sounds superb. Enjoy hun! xo

  8. Nope...not boring at all...what I wouldn't give to see our children's grandparents/our parents who live in NZ and the Eastern States.
    Time like this is so very precious and the memories last a life time :)

  9. That's so lovely. Makes me a little sad though, as my parents live 2,000 kilometres away, we only see each other twice a year. On the positive side, the next time I see them is in four months for Miss A's 2nd birthday and our wedding. Hope you're enjoying some lovely family time. Love the shared bedroom setup too. xx

  10. Sounds like it was a great weekend Jody! My girls played with their cousins all weekend, dressed up as fairies and indulged in plenty of birthday cake. Plenty of happy memories there! gxo


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