Friday, 24 June 2011


This week i am grateful for health.

I hate to be a little on the down low, my grateful post's are usually happy, warm and thankful..

But I want to take this moment to think about my gorgeous cousin Scott. He just turned seventeen. And has recently been diagnosed with life threatening bone cancer, as well as having lesions on both his lungs. He has had to have his leg amputated, undergone chemotherapy and two major lung operations... You can read more here.

Scotty my heart breaks for you, no one should have to go through so much, especially some one so young.. Yet you continue to put on a happy face, you are so strong and brave. I admire you so much and wish so badly that there was something i could do.. but for now i'm just sending so much love and positive energy your way.

Although it sounds a little insensitive.. I am grateful for our full health.
And endeavor to make the most of and live each day to its fullest.
Be grateful for each and everyday.
Life is so precious.

Have a lovely weekend, get out and enjoy it!

Joining Maxabella, you can join in too..

x jody

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  1. It's not at all insensitve. Doesn't mean you don't care, in fact just a timely reminder to not take things for granted. Poor boy, I hope he gets a positive outcome and has a full life ahead of him.

  2. Being thankful for good health is not insensitive at all! I hope your cousin continues to be brave and his condition improves.

  3. First of all, I absolutely adore that quote at the top of your post. I'm often guilty of forgetting to live in the moment, so that was a definite reminder to enjoy each day.

    Secondly, 17 year old's should not have to deal with cancer. That's so sad, but what a brave, brave boy. I'll be thinking of him over the weekend and being grateful for my own good health.

    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. So sorry about your cousin. That is sad. Such a brave boy. It's amazing how we take our health for granted.
    ps..I love the quote that you posted.

  5. hi, love the qoute and sending prayers for Scott.

  6. So sorry to hear of your cousin's illness.

    Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for simple things like health too.


  7. Life is so cruel sometimes. It is important to concentrate on the now and enjoy every moment.

  8. Scott sounds like a remarkable young man!!

    Loving that quote too.

  9. Dear Scott, I hope you continue to shine, regardless of how dark it is around you. x

  10. How awful for your young cousin Jody, what a horrific thing to have to deal with at his tender age.
    I agree, nothing more important than health and something to be most grateful for xo

  11. I'm sorry to hear about Scott and his illness - it's so hard to fathom why these things happen to people who are so young. I don't think it's insensitive at all to be grateful for your health - it just shows awareness and gratitude.

    I really love the quote you posted - I am definitely going to keep it in mind when I'm sitting around waiting for my life to happen!

    All my best wishes for Scott and all his family and friends. May he be surrounded by love and hope and faith.

    xx claire

  12. I love your quote and I think it is important to be grateful everyday for good health. I hope that your cousin Scott fights this nasty battle with cancer and gets to have a wonderful healthy long life. xo

  13. Thank you all for your well wishes and support, he is one amazing guy!

  14. Oh gosh Jody how horrible for your cousin. It definitely makes you stop and smell the roses doesn't it. I hope he fights that battle, wins and goes on to live a long and healthy life.
    Being healthy is definitely something to be grateful for xx

  15. Just re-reading this in light of your news, Jodes. x


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