Monday, 27 June 2011

Much Love..

I am starting to come around to this cooler weather. 
I love those stay at home days with my little lovelies. 
When it's too chilly to brave the outdoors.
We stay cosy in our jarmies for the entire day.
We play, we read, we do some crafty things. 
We do whatever we please.
I love it.

What are you loving this monday?

x jody

.image me and clipart from pugly pixel.


  1. ooh, you have Mae stickers too? They're so adorable, aren't they? :)

    Thanks for playing along in Much Love Monday this week :)

  2. There is nothing like jammies all day when its cold! Enjoy!

  3. Yes, those days are lovely. Must admit, I am loving the run of sunshine we've been having here though. It's good to get the wild boys out for a run in he paddock once a day at least ;o)
    But crafting at home is ALWAYS fun xo

  4. Jarmie days are the best!

  5. I found you through Much Love Monday and am so happy I did. I'm following you here too. The heart-shaped avocado is awesome. -Lola at Dreaming in a Fishbowl Dream Journal and Dharma Killed Dogma Buddhist Blog


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