Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Purebaby..

Proud Mama moment.. I had to share with you.. 
Back in October, my little L was asked to do the purebaby winter 2011photoshoot.
 How was i to refuse?!
I am not really the show Mom type , and i don't think it will be a regular thing.. 
But it was fun. We had fun. 
I am enjoying seeing her sweet face pop up everywhere!

Have you seen my little Purebaby?

x jody


  1. ooh what a stunning little person!!


  2. Oh she's gorgeous - a natural model! I know what you mean about not doing it all the time though, my daughter did a catalogue shoot for Pumpkin Patch and I haven't really pursued anything else - it's fine when it's fun but little people shouldn't have jobs. Looks like yours was just a whole lot of fun though!!! Yay! I'll definitely look out for her now!

  3. Gorgeous! Will look out for her!! Looks like she's having a good time.

  4. Isn't she just the sweetest little girl...simply adorable, and made for that shoot.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! X

  6. How gorgeous! I haven't seen purebaby... then again my baby is 10 now!

  7. I adore Pure Baby! Probably my favourite brand. Bebe is great too.

    Your bub is devine. You must be proud, I know I would be!

    Really enjoying your blog, I'm a newbie follower.

  8. Aww she's just gorgeous!
    Totally adorable xx

  9. Oh WOW! That is so cool Jody. I will look out for her. She is a little star! Gorgeous bub, gorgeous Mama! You should be very proud :o) xo

  10. What a cutie .... bet you just want to eat her up!!

  11. she is adorable. and those clothes - I hope you got to take some home! x

  12. She is the sweetest little bub x

  13. You must be proud as punch of that little cutie pie! I LOVE Purebaby - Eulalie has a few of their pieces and they are definitely on high rotation! So soft and really well made!


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