Thursday, 23 June 2011

The New Me. .

I have been afraid to blog about it before now.. i wanted to make sure i could do it.. i wanted to make sure the new me was here to stay, at least for now.

I have been inspired by so many people and blogs lately, in particular Amelia from weddings babies everything and her fabulous post about going sugar free. I am not doing 'sugar free' but it has motivated me to drop those dreaded carbohydrates. And embark on what i call the white and fluffy diet. I love them dearly, and in turn they unfortunately love me, so much so they want to stick around and hang out at my thighs and butt!

It has been a long time coming, and now it's time to drop the extra post baby weight {i never actually put on much during my pregnancy's, i put it all on after, and breastfeeding didn't seem to make an ounce of difference for me}.

So this is me day five, feeling great, no cheating or set backs and i haven't even been that grumpy or felt that hungry. I am no expert but i think it is fair to say i have been low carb for five days now! {I always get confused because some fruits and vegetables are considered carbohydrates..} Although i am allowing myself a small bowl of muesli in the morning and i think i'll have to treat myself over the weekend.. But anyhow.. this is a huge step for me.. no white and fluffy.. little woohoo for me!

After a trip to the market today the fridge is stocked full to the brim with lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. So no excuses, it's all salads, soups and protein from here on out.

This is the first time i have seriously embarked on such a serious dare i say 'diet'. I would love to hear any of your own experiences, advice or meal ideas.. please!

Goodbye to all that is white and fluffy and hello to the new me, i quiet like you so far..

x jody

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  1. Good luck Jody! I try to stick to cereal and soup during the week and stay away from bread and pasta unless its the weekend. I find it quite hard but do feel it makes a difference. Hope it all goes well and looking forward to hearing about your progress! x

  2. I know I couldn't be that strict with myself so I really admire you. I think to cut that sugar out would make you feel great, clean and healthy. Good luck I hope it all goes well Jody. xo

  3. Ah thank you for the mention! :)
    Really proud of you! It's all about a change in attitude and believing you're not missing out. Glad we're going through a similar thing together. :) xx

  4. I admire you Jody. It takes so much self discipline and massive dedication to do what you're doing. I wish I had even half the commitment to take on a diet plan like this. I need more fruit and vegies in my diet. I have been terrible lately :o/
    Look forward to reading more about your journey xo

  5. Hi! Hello new blog follower/friend!! I've just read your no to fluffy & white diet. I think I'll join you. God I feel so fat lately and frumpy! No carb for a week (except museli cos I love it!). Lou x

  6. Ah, I am trying to get myself into the same headspace at the moment. I have stacked the kg on after Eulalie was born (plus the pregnancy weight!). Nothing fits me and I'm feeling quite down about it... I'm a carb and chocolate addict and I think the only way for me to go is cold turkey. I have a friend that had a baby one week before me and she has lost 16kg through weightwatchers. Not only is she pre baby weight - she's at her wedding weight. She has some serious will power!
    Good luck, you can do it! x claire

  7. Good for you! I would find no sugar impossible! I love white and fluffy. I have started baking to embrace Mummy Mojo and it is showing on my behind!

    Good luck to you! You will be feeling great very soon, if not already.

  8. Yay for you! It's hard getting rid of those delectable foods but you will feel better. Even dropping back by one meal a day will help.

    I've been off wheat and sugar since my second pregnancy (they both cause horrendous heartburn and nausea - didn't have it before then...) and while I haven't lost stacks of weight I don't feel so sluggish or bloated and my mood is more stable.

    The more you read the more you'll discover awesome new ingredients too.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  9. that is fantastic, my attempt this week was a big fat failure, but gastro did have something to do with it. Oh well back on the horse, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I did a super strict no carbs for 6 months. Goodbye 25 kg! It worked for me, but not sure if I have the will power to do it again... I do need to diet, my friend recommended the blood group one. Maybe on Monday, I need your motivation!

    P.s great low carb snacks - strawberries and almonds.

  11. Thank you for all your support and encouragement! I'm going to give it my best shot and hopefully it'll pay off! Good luck on all your own journeys! xx

  12. great for you :) I hope I get inspired one day soon too

  13. Jody I wish you all the very are putting into action something I have been talking about for months.


  14. Well done Jodie!! Enjoy feeling fabulous and shrinking :)

  15. How great is it to have a fridge packed with fresh fruit and veg?! I bought so much fresh produce over the weekend, and each time I open the fridge door, I can't help but smile. I can't wait to hear how you go with this! I'm sort of working on the same thing - I'm trying to stuff myself full of vegetables so there isn't room for anything else! So far, it's working a treat. xxx


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