Monday, 13 June 2011

Point + Shoot

The weather was pretty good in Melbourne over the long weekend, chilly but the sun has been shining.. mostly... We spent lots of time just hanging out as a family, playing in the garden, a trip to the farmers market, park, a spot of shopping, and lots of yummy food!

Playing along with Sunny + Scout .. you can join in too..

x jody



  1. That sounds so lovely Jody. Lucky you... getting some glorious sunshine for your weekend... it would have made such a difference to get some of that here, but we still had fun anyway :o)
    Gorgeous pics of your little poppets xo

  2. I love the days spent hanging with my family in much the same way :)

  3. Family time, sunshine and a farmers market sounds like my kind of weekend!!

  4. It certainly was a great winters weekend, perfect for taking photos of the little ones.


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