Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Riding the Waves..

I have been feeling a little flat this week. I'm not sure exactly why. Just a little coldy and headache-y. The kids are driving me and each other crazy. And it's only Tuesday. I can't really be bothered doing anything. I would love nothing more than to just lie on the couch for a whole day.. and there is no way that is going to happen.

It could be something to do with this dreary Melbourne weather, maybe i need more vitamin D. Its getting me down. I don't mean to sound so pathetic, just need to vent a little.

Today i was dreaming of the warmer weather, sandy beaches and the sun shining on me. It got me thinking about the waves. The sound. The repetition. The highs and the lows. The rise and the fall.

Much like life i think.

Here's hoping for a high tomorrow.

How is your week so far?

x jody

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  1. I'm feeling a little blah too Jody. A massive tidy up of the house has made a difference. Now just need some sunshine tomorrow... hoping it's sunny for you too. gxo

  2. It's been freezing here so I've been finding it hard to get motivated to do anything much except drink lots of tea to keep warm and some cooking. I hope that tomorrow brings a brighter day, happier day. xo

  3. Oh Jody, I can relate totally. My hubby has always laughed at how my mood changes if the sun doesn't shine... if it doesn't shine for a prolonged period, whoa! It's not pretty.
    It's a very real condition for some people. They simply NEED sunshine to keep their happy levels on an even keel. I am one of those people.
    Some days I feel like lying on the lounge all day and just catching up on Tv or movies... because I don't get to anymore.
    If it's any consolation the last 2 days here I've just been going through the motions also... we have had sunshine, but it's FREEZING, which doesn't help. Hope tomorrow is a good day for you xo

  4. I think that's the point of a blog, to have somewhere to express how you are feeling. We can't be fab all the time.
    I hear you. It is bloody freezing here in Melbs. Snow in Olinda, if my daughter didn't spend the night coughing her heart out I'd contemplate taking her, given she's spent her whole life wanting to see snow. I just want to put my trackies on, watch a good movie with the heater blasting, dam you work, house work, blah blah blah, don't worry you're not the only one.

  5. Oh my love I hear you. As you know I've had one of those weeks too. Exactly as you put it the lows and highs that are life. I tend to refer to it, especially lately like a roller coaster. I think the highs and lows are magnified when we have little ones too. So much responsibility and unfortunately not much opportunity to have a day just to lie on the couch and reflect. I hope you're enjoying your long weekend xx


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