Tuesday, 14 June 2011

We Heart Crumpler!

Thanks to the ash cloud, Grandma got to stay with us for an extra day! The kids were very excited when we had to head back to the airport to pick her up again {i was not so excited, have you driven to Melbourne airport?}

Anyhow with the extra time she wanted to go shopping and get her self a new camera bag for the new-old camera she had just bought off my brother. With a bit of research it was decided there was no better place to go then Crumpler! Thankfully the clearance store is super close to us!

So off we went, seems the stars were aligned today.. i even managed to get a park right out the front of the shop {yes!} The kids behaved themselves surprisingly while we checked out all the bags. So many cool, colourful, comfy looking bags. Best of all they were all half price! Grandma got herself an awesome 3 Million Dollar Home camera bag.

Feeling pretty chuffed with her purchase Grandma couldn't resist these super cute kids backpacks. That and there was no taking it off L once she had it on.. Lucky little monkeys scored themselves a Baby Pea backpack each.

I have to say they may well be the best kids backpacks i have ever seen! They look so comfortable wearing them, and happily ran around with them on all day long. They absolutely love them! R wouldn't even take his off to go to the toilet.. now that's dedication!

Thank you Grandma for our new bags!

We heart Crumpler!
You can read there blog here.

Tell me, what have you recently purchased that you absolutely love?

x jody


  1. Those bags look fabulous. Smaller and comfy for little people? My littlest pinks loves her backpack. She wears it all over the place. Maybe I should get her one of these comfy looking crumplers!! thanks for sharing :) Caz

  2. Oh SO cute! Grandma's always make lovely purchases... and they LOVE to spoil too ;o)
    I have just bought Felix a backpack for when he starts daycare in a few weeks and I really like that purchase. I guess the bookends and bunting (as I posted about) are my most recent fave purchases. Oh, and a few clothing bits and pieces for myself, including a really lovely black scarf, with flowers on it... loving scarves at the mo! xo

  3. Those back packs sure are vibrantly gorgeous!! Our little man loves to wear his sister's handbags...it's so cute and I am happy that at this age he is still unaware of gender specific things.

  4. Oooh, I hadn't thought of Crumpler. Chatterbox is starting kinder next year and really wants a backpack... These look gorgeous and much nicer than the Dora/Diego/Wiggles/ick that's around. Gotta love the Grandma love.

    Yay for you getting a park out the front too! No mean feat in Hawthorn!!


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