Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bad mood rising . .

This is a rant.

My afternoon went from bad to worse..

1. My beautiful beef and lentil curry burnt in the oven. Ruined. There goes all my hard work in the bin. Am not happy. Thankfully the freezer once again provided us with a lovely meal, i had prepared at an earlier date.

2. Lyla did a huge shit in the bath. Again. Why does she always insist on doing so? She will be wearing swimming nappies in the bath from now on.

3. Go to have a shower to relax and take a moment.. hot water runs out while i have shampoo in my hair. Again, why does this always happen. I am now freezing.

Thankfully there is wine in the house.

The afternoons events don't seem all that bad now i've written them down.. i think it has made me feel a little better. But then again it could just be the wine.

Rant over. Thank you if you made it this far.

x jody


  1. Sometimes a good rant and a glass of wine is just what you need! Don't feel bad your events today would have tipped me over the edge for sure!

  2. Nothing like a glass of wine after an afternoon like that. Glad you're feeling a little better.

  3. Three terrible things all in one afternoon! I would rant too. My day has been much the same, a series of annoying and shitty (not as shitty as your bath incident) things have made for a flustered evening.

    Hello little beer in the fridge, i think you will make me feel a touch better!

    Hope tomorrow brings some smiles and good/great things xx

  4. ohh I totally sympathise with the shower thing .. I used to live in a flat with five other girls and the smallest hot water cylinder - it used to last two and a half showers and it felt like it was always me that got the 'half' .. nothing like rinsing shampoo in a handbasin!
    at least today and tomorrow can only get better x

  5. That does sound like a shitty afternoon, pardon the dodgy pun...

    Hope the wine helps

  6. Some days just suck don't they!
    Hope your night is more relaxing ... you have certainly earned it!!

  7. Enjoy that wine - you deserve it. Some mummy days are just fit to make your head explode - but thankfully there are others than more than make up for it.

  8. I have cried many times over food that I've had to throw out because it hasn't turned out the right way. And always when you least expect it and think you have a fabulous meal.
    We have the smallest hot water system on the planet and I always have to have a cold shower at the end when washing out my hair.
    As for the poo, Miss A has only done that once, when she was four weeks old, and I have the whole thing on film to torture her with when she's older.
    Hope the wine helped. xx

  9. I dunno I think it is actually the moon.. it being nearly full. I've had a crappy day here too...boys wrecking the house and answering back. Charlie insisting on ripping up every poster and book lying on the floor of his bedroom and then blaming Rufus, which then result in them fighting... and so on. I've reached for the wine too tonight! Hope tomorrow is better hun, at least my 2 will be at school & nursery Hooray!! lou x

  10. Hope today is better for you! Nothing worse than a cold shower with shampoo still in your hair! xx


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