Monday, 18 July 2011

A Brow Raiser. .

Nothing good happened over the weekend {well my little family are always good, but i had some less than desirable extended family visiting, I am not going to talk about them, but am thankful they are now gone.. Is it just me all do we all have family members we rather not see?}

Anyhow i did get my self some new spiffy eyebrows! After recommendations i headed to Brow Theory. An eyebrow threading specialist. For my first threading experience. {*Treading is an ancient Indian art which uses a length of cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. 100% cotton thread is twisted and then manipulated to remove the hairs from their follicles as it glides over the skin- a process which removes the hairs and leaves the skin intact.} And i have to say i am quiet impressed!

Eyebrows make such a difference too ones face, they have given me such a lift. I am weary today, but somehow i don't look as tired as i feel. Must be the eyebrows! They were worth the little bit of pain and didn't even cost as much as i expected. Was especially nice to treat myself and have a little pampering.  

I love my new eyebrows. I can't stop looking at them.

So what do you think? Have you been threaded?

Linking up with Anna over at much love.

I love pugly pixel and her marvelous tape strips too! 

Happy Monday!

x jody

*all information is from Brow Theory.


  1. I've never heard of brow threading but they look amazing, I love a good brow - they do make all the difference.

    And yes - I think everyone has those family members, I certainly have a dozen or so! x

  2. brow threading? what do they do? your brows look fantastic though! haha I remember someone saying to me that it's strange with family, some of them you maybe wouldn't associate with but for the fact that they're family .. happy monday! x

  3. Hello - popping over from Much Love.
    Don't even get me started on troublesome family members.
    Can't chose your them & blood is thicker than water unfortunately for some.

    As for brows - being a specialist in that field I must say they are my absolute favourite thing in the world to transform!
    Threading is so great when done properly and thankfully you found someone wonderful it seems.
    Enjoy them, yours really do frame a pretty portrait xo

  4. I discovered threading two years ago! I think that it gives you a more defined shape, which I like. I agree it's always nice to give yourself a little bit of pampering.

  5. Your eyebrows look bloody fantastic ... that's it - I am making an appoint tomo to get my terrible out of control eyebrows done as soon as possible.

    Does threading hurt? Sounds a little painful, but then I suppose if they look that good its so worth it!

  6. oooh, i want to try that... you look gorgeous. did it hurt? i've heard it's less painful.

    aaahhh family members... i think we've all got some we'd rather not see. i have a rather irksome cousin...

  7. Lovely eyebrows! I haven't been threaded yet but my mummy in law highly reccommends it and is dying to take me!

  8. Oooo yes, they look stunning Jody! I agree, eyebrows frame the face and are so important to get right. I never seem to get mine right... but find this threading process very interesting. You say it hurts though?? Hmmm, that scares me a little.
    And yes, EVERYONE has family they'd rather not see... mine are known as 'the in-laws' ;o) Glad they've all gone home and left you in peace now xo

  9. i love face threading too, does such a fantastic job that i actually have a package! yes, i can't do my own eyebrows for nuts but i have to agree that its so impt to trim and maintain one's eyebrows! makes u look better :) u agree?

  10. One of my friends recommended threading to me, but I have not yet tried it. The results look beautiful. Just saying hello from Much Love Monday. -Lola @

  11. ohhhhh i love your new brows!

  12. I have yet to try treading but I got some bushy eyebrows (mostly super blonde) but I should really try this because I have only heard good things about it.
    Loving the eyebrows, it is true how they can really make your face look lighter!
    Hope your having a wonderful week and keeping warm and dry!
    Much Love,

  13. Your brows look amazing! Thanks for sharing the link on my blog.

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