Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hellenic Republic

This time last week i headed out for dinner with a couple of girlfriends. We ventured over to George Calombaris's restaurant Hellenic Republic. It was amazing, I love Greek food and this was the best. We shared the beautiful 'Trapezi menu' and a few bottles of local wine. Saganaki served with beautiful peppered figs and sweet loukoumathes - greek donuts were my favorites, along with the great company and conversation we had an awesome night. 

Nothing beats a girls night out, fabulous food, laughter and plenty of wine. So good for the soul.

How often do you go out for a girls night? 
Do you have any exciting plans for this week?

x jody


  1. Sooooooooooo jealous!!

    The answer to your question is NOT OFTEN ENOUGH! Need to organise one NOW!

    Sorry for all the shouting, your post moved me!

  2. Hi Jody! I love girls night out, I live about 4 hours from my girls so it doesn't happen very often but we make up for it when we do see each other!

  3. Oh I love that restaurant and I need a girls night out soon too!

  4. Recently not many girls' nights out but generally on average one a week with various groups of friends. Couldn't live without my girlfriends! Haven't been to Hellenic Republic but were talking about St Katherine's at a dinner the other night. Hoping that's the chosen venue for next dinner!

    A quiet week in our world. We need it.

    Hope you have a good week too x

  5. Hellenic Republic has some pretty amazing food!

    I love a girl's night! But I haven't had one for awhile, it seems to be getting harder as time goes by.

  6. Sounds delish! I don't get out enough but having a girls night tomorrow xx

  7. SO JEALOUS!! I just don't seem to be able to manage the girls night out thing these days. Must put it on my 'to do' list and actually DO IT!! The food sounds lovely!!

  8. So glad you had a lovely night out. I think everyone's answer is not often enough.

  9. Mmm - have enjoyed girls' nights out at HR, and it's across the road from one of my fave fabric haunts and just a couple of doors down from one of my favourite coffee spots. Win, win, win! Girls' nights are few and far between these days - too many little people to organise!

  10. I'm so jealous! That sounds absolutely incredible. Something I need! :) You, me and Shelley perhaps?! :) xx

  11. Oooo I love George and would so love to have a seat at his restaurant, I imagine the food would be divine. What a lovely night out.
    I adore my girl's night's out, the BEST! I average about one a month, though some months are fuller than others :o) xo


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