Friday, 8 July 2011

Making our own fun . .

At risk of sounding boring and repeating myself, i'm going to tell you we were all sick again this week. 

It made for a very long and uneventful week. Feeling very uninspired and unmotivated. Nothing better to do than make our own fun.  My little lovelies decided to combine their two favorite things.. colouring and baking.. 

Ah the joys.. 

What fun things do you're little ones like to do when their trapped inside?

Happy Friday!

x jody


  1. What a fabulous idea. I need to get a roll of paper like that for Little Miss. We did a lot of drawing this week too (I'm in the process of teaching her to draw on paper ONLY!). And we also have those pointy crayons, how good are they for little hands?
    It's sometimes hard to think of fun new activities for the little ones in this weather, let alone when you're all sick. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are feeling much better soon. Stay warm! xxx

  2. They are SO adorable Jody! Very sorry you're still sick, no fun at all :o(
    We do lots of painting, play dough, building blocks and collage artwork using magazines. Those days are never easy though... just get through them the best you know how. Hope the weekend sees an improvement to the health in the household xo

  3. Looks like lots of fun! Hope you are all feeling better soon xx


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