Monday, 11 July 2011

The No Bread Update. .

So it has been three weeks now since i started my 'no white and fluffy' regime. To be honest i have had my slip ups, and at times i have really missed my favourite crunchy, chewy sourdough bread.. but on a whole i have been good, muesli with fruit and yogurt for breakfast, plenty of warm yummy soups and salads for lunch then meat and vegetables for dinner. {weekends are for cheating} but I have well and truly boosted my fruit and vegetable intake and have been eating loads of fresh produce.

I feel great. I have so much more energy. I don't feel so weighed down and sluggish from all those extra carbs i was eating. Best of all i have lost 3.4 kilos!! Woohoo! Being sick probably contributed.. but I can see the change starting to take place. I am getting results and all my efforts are starting to pay off.

Only 10 kilos to go.. fingers crossed i can keep it up.

How are you going on your own journey?

Happy Monday!

x jody

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  1. good for you! it is so satisfying to make a change and have it reflected in the way you feel - i haven't been doing 'no bread' but have been trying to eat more unprocessed/over prepared foods recently - i have been enjoying trying new recipes and mixing flavours. x

  2. Oh my goodness, thats fantastic! Well done! My journey is not going nearly so well, I keep having visitors or weekends away and I just cant be good under those circumstances!! I wish as successful as you! Going to try and get back on the wagon this week!

  3. Well done! That's a fantastic effort! It's amazing how much seeing results can keep you going. I'm so pleased you're feeling better.

    My sugar journey is going ok, but I need to lower my intake of the white and fluffy stuff now (and up my exercise! I'm so lazy in winter!). It's all about balance I think. :) You'll definitely get your goal. Very impressed hun. xx

  4. You go girl! I too have been trying to watch what I am eating....I find that i always go into spring with an extra 5 unwanted kilos from too many biscuits dunked into my tea late in the night!! X

  5. That is so wonderful ... you know what I think I might just follow your lead. I was half trying not to eat bread but just this morning I woke up feeling so heavy and crappy - so what did I do - I ate 3 slices of toast which SO didnt help.
    Your post has inspired me to just do it - thanks. You're ace!!

  6. Well done Jody, this is fabulous and totally inspiring! It's so nice reading about other people on the fitness and good health path.
    I'm working on fitness... now gotta concentrate on the good health :o/
    Keep up the great work xo

  7. Well done! What a wonderful result and I'm totally inspired to lift my game. I try not to eat wheat and sugar because it makes me feel horrendous but I've been caving lately and choosing the instant gratification of homemade biscuits over the longer-term feeling of not eating them... Doesn't make for happy tummy or scales!


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