Thursday, 14 July 2011

Purebaby Summer Photo shoot. .

Ok.. I will inflict more photos of my little ones on you. I'm a proud Mumma.. 
Purebaby {organic baby clothing} asked for L to come back and do their summer photo shoot.
Of course i happily obliged.

We had a super fun time, even if L was doing her best temperamental diva act. 
My little man was lucky enough to get in on the act too.
 Which helped L feel a little more at ease in front of the camera.

I'm told they got a few good shots, but only time will tell.
We had a great day. The clothes were beautiful, the people even more so.

Keep your eyes out for her this summer!

x jody 


  1. she is beautiful, and so is he. x

  2. They're so gorgeous, Jody! There's no wonder they wanted them back. They must have sold a lot of clothes from the winter shoot! x

  3. They are utterly divine. And how fun for them to look back on these when they're older! Can't wait to see them. xx

  4. Beautiful little munchkins. Lovely photos.

    x Lee

  5. I think they should rename the label GorgeousBaby! Love the pictures of them both. xx

  6. They are adorable babies, i would be very proud too x

  7. So cool Jody! Lyla is a precious angel. She looks so beautiful in her little organic dress. How proud you should be :o) xo

  8. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  9. What a proud mumma you must be!!
    Lyla is gorgeous .... the only thing my kids would be any good modelling is vegemite faces and snotty noses!!


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