Thursday, 28 July 2011

self promoting. .

Blogopolis is upon us and although i cannot attend the actual conference {damn work.} I am going to attend the social events. As you probably know, the lovely ladies of hello blogger events are hosting official Nuffnang pre-Blogopolis drinks on Friday night.. no way was i going to miss it! I have never been to such a big blogger event and i am super excited.

I have seen lots of people tweeting and talking about business cards all week, and how many they may be bringing along.. this started to make me a little nervous.. am i out of my league? am i crazy going to such an event not knowing anyone and being so new to the blogging world?

To put my mind at ease, and just in case someone asks for one i decided to make some little Lemon Rhodes calling cards today.

Of course they are limited addition, so better get em while there hot!

And inky fingers are the perfect accessory for the night, right? 

Hope to see you all there! 

x jody


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader and your blog is just darling. Gorgeous calling cards too! xx

  2. Love the cards Jody, very stylish! Have fun at the do's xx

  3. Those cards are fantastic! You are so clever. Maybe it's a good thing I can't go as I don't have anything like that! :) Have a fantastic time lovely - can't wait to have a drink with you next time. xxx

  4. How cute are those cards!

    Have fun! I was supposed to be attending the bloggers brunch today and then hoping to go to the conference tomorrow, but alas Hubbies work schedule changed and he couldn't take holidays so I good fly off interstate for the weekend!

    I will be tweevesdropping all weekend instead!

  5. Well I took your advice and jumped head first in, I'll be there tonight!
    Cards look just gorgeous.

  6. Jody, your cards are great!! Did you make them yourself?


  7. They are too, too cute, Jody. You will fit right in. Enjoy yourself to the max! x

  8. You absolutely need bloggy business cards... love them! gxo

  9. Oh how lovely, they are gorgeous cards Jody. Have fun networking at the events :o) xo

  10. Lovely to meet you Jody :)
    I added you in my blog post here, if you'd like to peek:

  11. Am pleased to say, I get me one of them cards!

    Lovely to meet you, am sure we will see each other at another event soon.


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