Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back Home . .

Apologies for not being around so much of late. Visiting the family was a little time consuming, they kept us very busy!

Thankfully we are now back home again. And oh how i had missed it.

It was lovely to catch up with my family and see my Grandfather. I feel so much better having done so, like a weight has been life from my shoulders, he is no better or worse and things change everyday. But i know i made the right decision and i am so happy that i have seen him now before anything more serious happens. It was so good to spend time with my Mum and Dad, they spoiled the kiddies and had some great quality time together. Apart from visiting family and the hospital, we had time to get out into the sunshine, we went for a nice walk, stopped at a great Sydney market and ate lots of yummy food!

The hard part was, basically solo parenting for five straight days. We stayed with my parents, who were great and very helpful. My little ones love their grandparents, but both missed their Dad terribly causing them to become even more clingy to me. {here i was thinking i could spend five days with my feet up on the couch - no chance.} What made it worse was the 5:30am wake ups. Both wide eyed and ready to go. I am not used to getting up so early, so this i really did not like. It made for a few very long, whingy, grumpy days for all of us. I think the flight really took it out of them {and me}. Melbourne to Sydney isn't a big trip, but it was the combination of the driving and waiting at the airport along with being stuck in one seat for such a long time that they really struggled with. I'm not going to lie, it was tough trying to deal with both of them running around the airport and on the plane by myself. They were hyped up on excitement and sugary treats, i had used for bribery. Maybe not my best move. But not as bad as not listening to my husband who had suggested i take the stroller, i so wish i had, but don't tell him that. Seriously who takes two crazy little kids unrestrained to the airport? ... me.

The little ones couldn't wait to get home to their Daddy, it was the longest we had ever been apart. R had even started with the teary 'i want to go home' - and not because they weren't having a good time they just wanted Dad. It was sweet to see their happy, smiling little faces when we came through the front door, rediscovering toys and books they had forgotten. But nothing could beat Dad, he got smothered in kisses and cuddles! They didn't leave his side. I even heard R whispering 'i missed you soooo much Dad!'. And we did.

I am exhausted, tired and drained. But i love my home and my little family.

It is so good to be back.

I hope to get back on track with my blogging and reading this week. Thank you all for your support, kind comments and thoughts. More helpful than you know. So greatly appreciated.

x jody


  1. welcome home -- breathe out .. x

  2. What a week! Is your Grandfather ok? I think it was lovely that he was asking for you, that must feel very special.
    I don't think I would have taken a pram to the airport either, don't worry. It's all done and dusted now, nevermind!
    Time to relax now you're home.
    Rach x

  3. Yay my home town & i spy the amazing Kylie Kwong in that image at the market, i LOVE her.
    So sweet your boys miss their daddy, my poor darlings have had years of their daddy away, he's currently living in Brisbane (we're in Canberra) & he's heading off to 9 months in a war zone, it's heart breaking. My 3rd girl (aged 10) well it just eats her up, she doesn't cope so well, she wears her heart on her sleeve & can't help but express her sadness at missing him. The other 3 tough it out, but have their moments, i'm constantly telling them it's OK to cry, be sad & we can always write letters, email & now . . . Skype!! That brings daddy home to us, when he can.
    Best wishes to grandpa, love Posie

  4. Oh welcome home Jody. I can almost hear the sign of relief in your tone here. I can totally understand that. I find it so difficult being away from the home base with the boys... let alone without having their Dada with me. You're a brave gal and did a great job managing it all on your own. So pleased your time with the family went well, I bet they're missing you and the kiddies already, now you're back home. Hope you can spend the next few days chilling out a bit and catching up on the things you want to :o) xo

  5. that would be *sigh* of relief... sorry, getting too late for me to be typing! :o/

  6. Firstly - Supermum!. :)
    Secondly - go and put your feet up and enjoy a well earned pyjama day at home. You totally deserve it.
    Glad you're back safe and sound. xx

  7. Welcome back! When my mum was really sick (in ICU) I flew with my hubby & one year old to Perth, I was also 4 months preggers. He flew back after a weekend and I stayed on for 2 weeks. BOY that was tough being single parent and living at my parents with my dad and bro distraught AND they had no idea about housework and cooking. PHEW glad that was over and was so releaved to come home too. (Oh and did I mention my flight got cancelled 20mins before we were scheduled to leave and then had to stay another 3 days!!)

  8. Welcome back... sounds like a classic case of the 'need a holiday after a 'holiday' situation. But well done, Mum...you survived! And how I miss the carriage-works market! *sigh*

  9. Gorgeous photos!

    And BRAVO for parenting and flying solo for 5 days, go Mumma!

    Let the washing sit there for a day or 2, just relax and enjoy being home. Sometimes there is nothing better :)


  10. ui dont even know what it is but i want to eat whats in that second picture. yum!


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