Monday, 22 August 2011

Dad Rules.

Mr S looks after the little ones every Saturday, when i head off to work. This week i was feeling pretty under the weather, so decided to take a sicky.
It felt so strange to be home on 'their day'. I promised not to intrude too much and take over {as i usually do}. Saturday is Dad rules. And so i discovered, just what they get up too when i'm not around...

It is compulsory to stay in pajamas for the entire day. Dad thinks of really ace games to play, like towing your sister around the house and running into the walls. Toys cover the floor of every room. There is chasing, jumping, hiding, bad dancing to bad music and general craziness. Lunch is served late {after my subtle hint} sleeps even later. And if that wasn't enough, Dad likes to put the four man tent up in the lounge room, complete with air mattress, pillows and sleeping bag. Just for something to do.

I was sick and had no voice to argue. It was Dad rules and i had promised not to interfere after all. Nothing better for it, i joined in too. And you know what i kinda had fun. It's not like anything i ever do. The house was a mess, dishes and washing piled high. But none of that mattered, it doesn't really. The most important was the kiddies were in heaven! They had the best day, you could tell by their little dirty faces, they were beaming.

Who knew Dad was so much fun? It was nice to see what they really get up to, and i am sure it was relatively tame considering i was there! I love that they have that day together each week, we all do, it is so good for them, and for me. And who cares about the mess? Not me. Kids will be kids, as will Dads and the mess will clean just as easily the next day. And Dad rules, right?

What do your little ones get up too when left with their Dads? Do they have a set time or day each week that they spend together?

x jody


  1. Sounds like they had an ace day!

    What fun, a tent in the lounge room! Who woulda thunk it?!

  2. Isn't it always the way with Dad's.. their rules = not much rules at all!
    Usually on Saturday mornings I try to get out on my own for a couple hours but I usually come home to kids who are having so much fun they only realise they're hungry when they see me arrive home and so *I* have to get lunch for them ALL. But meh, they adore their dad and that's why mum's and dad's are different! :)

  3. Glad our home isn't the only one that let's loose when mum's out :) I think males have this uncanny knack of overlooking all the housework and really spending quality fun time with the kids. And as you say...the housework gets done eventually, making memories are what it's all about.


  4. That is seriously sweet, and without a doubt what my boys would do if I was out of the house. They have weekends together while I work and come Monday are often telling me how glad they are the weekend is over because Dad was too much fun and they're tired from it. Adorable! I love hearing about them having so much fun with good cop ;)

  5. This is really cute Jody :o) My littlies have very little 'just' Daddy time. At most a couple of hours per week. But just like at your place, it is ALL about the play. Whether it be in the park on our street, in the backyard raking leaves or in the house, running amok. I agree though, it is essential time for them to spend together and they certainly have their own special bonds xo
    Love that your hubby sets the tent up, that's hilarious! :o)

  6. How gorgeous!! Looks like Daddy days are lots of fun and even though you were sick how nice that you were able to join in on all the fun. I hope you're feeling better now xx

  7. You've got to love the "organised-chaos" a day with Dad brings. :)
    And a tent in the middle of the lounge room?! Genius idea! :) This is why Dad's get their reputation for being the fun parent. :) xx

  8. I LOVE that Dad sets a tent up in the lounge room. How fun is that?!?

    ...and those wondersuits are just the best thing ever. And aqua is the best colour option by far!


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