Friday, 12 August 2011

Memories and Forgotten Treasures. .

Earlier this week i stumbled upon some old boxes we had hidden away. You know the type. I had no idea what i would find. But the curiosity got the better of me and i decided to pull them out and investigate further. You can imagine surprise when, under about six inches of dust, i saw these gorgeous jugs staring up at me.

The memories came flooding back. They were my mother in laws. She passed away four years ago now. And I had forgotten we had stored a lot of her things. Things i had totally forgotten about, until i'd opened that box. And it was nice to stop for a moment, and remember, i think of her often but not in so much detail as i did that day.

I could see myself in her kitchen, I could see us talking, laughing and eating, always eating. I could see the jugs sitting high on the shelf. Along side the tea, coffee, vintage Spode blue and white china plates and Irish pottery. Its the small details like that, of day to day life that we take for granted, that we too soon become complacent about. That we let slip from our minds. It was so nice to remember.

Oh the forgotten treasures.

What little gems i thought and set off immediately to clean them up.

And now they will sit in our kitchen, just were they should be.

And so, i am grateful. Grateful for the memories and forgotten treasures.

What has got you thinking this week? 

I am joining up with Maxabella, what are you grateful for?

Have a lovely weekend,

x jody


  1. Beautiful memories...It is nice to celebrate those we have lost with nice remembrances and smiles. I always think that the character and soul of a home lies in the meaning and memoirs of all its parts and pieces. This makes me happy!

  2. That's special. They are nice jugs and a lovely way to be reminded of a specoal person.

  3. lovely words and such a special find. something tells me you were meant to see these again. and they are really beautiful too. have a lovely weekend.

  4. They are just gorgeous and what a special reminder for you to always have on show.

  5. I did a similar thing during the week and dug out lots of old memories of my grandparents' homes. So nice to be able to use these things in everyday life and keep a little piece of them around us.

  6. The jugs themselves are just gorgeous, but the sentiment and memories behind them are even more precious.

  7. I love stumbling across unpacked boxes. You half know what's in there, but there is always a surprise or two tucked away.

    The jugs are beautiful, as are your words. x

  8. What a wonderful find, i often find little pieces i forgot about. Small house means lots of boxes and hidden things. Its nice to remember x

  9. Oh they are lovely, I did the same today and stumbled across something for the kids...not quite so stunning to have around the house but never the less a collection of Batmans and other superheroes give to my son by an old client when he was 3 months old were flying around the garden all morning... I was just grateful for the silence but yours mean much more xx

  10. What beautiful memories, I love when object bring a flood of happy memories back.
    Lovely jugs too.

  11. How lovely to see these and remember your mother in law. It's amazing, isn't it, how fresh memories can be, how very real people still are to us, even when they have passed away, grateful for that.

  12. They are really lovely, I much prefer pieces with a history to something new.

  13. They are so pretty, loving the white and blue. How lovely that you had such a special relationship with your mother-in-law, you're very lucky and of course, she was too to have you :o) xo


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