Monday, 15 August 2011


I am lost for words.

Today I wore red for Daniel. I'm hoping that says it all.

I am liking up with Styling You.

You can also support the Daniel Morcombe foundation here. 

Did you wear red today?

x jody


  1. Same.

    If such a simple gesture helps his parents. I would wear it all week.

  2. Yep. To respect, raise awareness, and remember. xx

  3. I wore red lipstick and a red coat. My heart just breaks for his poor family. xx

  4. Thanks for linking up Jody. No words are needed. The sea of red has been all that's needed.

  5. It does say it all Jody, clearly. You look lovely and I am touched by how widespread the support and concern for the poor Morcombe family is. I can't stop thinking about them and as I dressed my boys in their little red articles of clothing today, my heart ached. xo

  6. I'm lost for words too. They don't seem enough, do they? We wore red too.

  7. Yep, I dressed both boys in red and I wore red too.

  8. so much sadness. i wore my favourite red skirt...the only red item i own and i wore it with much love.


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