Friday, 19 August 2011


I never quiet valued my voice until i woke this morning and it was not there anymore. It was on its way out last night, but now still remains completely gone. When i say completely, i mean i can still manage a whisper if i have too, but it hurts and is draining. 

I don't know where it has gone too, i am not that sick, just a little run down maybe and i have this annoying wisdom tooth that has been giving me trouble {you've probably heard me complaining about on twitter..} No real reason to have seriously no voice, it has never happened to me before, and i don't think i like it.

Chaos reined in our house today, i was over-ruled, under-minded and flat out ignored. I couldn't speak up and Riley took full advantage of it. 'speak louder mumma, i can't hear you', 'use your loud voice mum' he taunted. Through all my frustration i couldn't help but smile, I love a little bit of cheek! Nice for me not be nagging them for once. I enjoyed the quiet. MrS spent the day at home with us, thankfully, and he was happy too i'm sure, that was until i threw my box of antibiotics at his head, but that's another story.. 

I have never before been grateful for my voice, or truly realised how much i use, need and rely on it. I am lucky and grateful that i don't have to spend everyday like this, it is only temporary after all.

Linking up with the lovely maxabella, what are you grateful for this week?

What exciting things have you got planned for the weekend?

I hope its a good one!

x jody

embroidery and handkerchief effects from pugly pixel. 


  1. I think there's a bit of it going around- we're all a bit croaky over here.

  2. I lost my voice when I was younger and it was awful. I thought that it would be rather nice not having to (being able to) speak, but it was very frustrating indeed. Hope it is back soon x

  3. oooh, that's no good. i hope it comes back soon. kids really know how to take advantage of situations don't they?! cheeky monkeys, xx

  4. Your boy is a bit funny!! Poor you thou. Hope it's back today. Hard working not being able to talk - but great excuse to blog!!!

  5. we have a weekend consisting of a birthday celebration and a zoo visit. peter mentioned something about a butterfly farm also. only to wake this morning with rain and penny a cold and sore throat. hope your feeling better soon. i think my eldest son would love it if i lost my voice for a while :) enjoy your weekend jody.

  6. Definitely one of those things that you don't appreciate until it's gone. Like sleep. Or wireless internet :) Hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. Losing your voice is horrid, and as you say very draining.

    I hope it's back now, and your tooth is not causing you pain... or has it come out now?

    Have a restful weekend in the beautiful sunshine we have now.


  8. If I lost my voice, I wouldn't make it out alive at my place. Far out, that's tough.

    I hope it returns soonest, Jody. Cate over at Keep Cate Busy has had no voice for months. Really! x

  9. Oh no. A forced vow of silence.
    When wrangling little people the voice is our greatest tool.
    Maybe you should pretend you've lost your hearing too!
    I hope you're back to full volume again soon.

  10. Hope you find your voice soon...I would be lost without mine :)

  11. I lost my voice for a short while last year and although it was tremendously frustrating it was the also the most liberating thing ever.
    The silence taught me to listen more and to observe my surroundings and it taught me that I needed to think before speaking.

    Hope you find your voice soon.x

  12. UGH Sorry.....Hope you find your voice back, soon!
    That would really be difficult.
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  13. Maybe a sign to slow down a little Jody, although that is often easier said than done. You poor thing. Aren't children delightful how they manipulate a situation they know they can!? Hope your voice has returned and you're singing from the rooftops again soon :o) xo

  14. Love that quote... so true. Hope you are back to normal soon. Didn't the weekend just fly by? Always does... gxo

  15. Firstly, that hanky effect is too cute for words & I may just have to steal it.

    I think we take our health in general for granted. I hope you feel better pronto.

    Oh, and I LOVE Riley's sarcasm. :)

  16. Hi Jody! Hope you voice gets better! Just to let you know I have awarded you the Versitile Blogger Award on my blog! Please check it out and I hope you accept!


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