Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Are you a blogger too?

Truth be told, by nature i am a people watcher. It is probably one of my greatest skills. I can watch and listen and feel a whole room. I could tell you the when, who and how of every single person in that very room, without even pausing our conversation.

These days i find myself watching and wondering, 'Are you a blogger too?'

There are so many bloggers out there, its highly possible we cross paths daily without even realizing.

I find it so fascinating, there are so many amazing people i follow and whom follow me that i have never meet in the real life, that could very possibly be living two streets away!

So if you see a strange woman staring at you trying to place your face, don't worry its only me, come and say hello!

Are you a people watcher? 

x jody

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  1. I am when I don't have my kids to watch, or am not completely distracted by tweeting another blogger. :)
    I found another Darwin blogger the other day, and think I might have to meet her! Just cause she is a blogger!

  2. I so do that too. Im always wondering..I wonder it she blogs.

  3. I wish I'd known that before I met you the first time, I would have paid closer attention to the way you were sussing me out! ;) I blogged yesterday about the whole six degrees of separation thing. Say, you and I could easily have crossed paths at Chadstone and never known it. I love that about life. I'm a big people watcher too, usually at airports. xx

  4. I am a listener and observer for sure ... but I haven't actually looked at ppl and wondered if they blogged... I'm usually out with the girls and dont pay attention to anyone. But if someone recognised me and said hello I'd be totally flattered.
    BTW- sooo sorry for your family loss.

  5. I don't really tell people I blog (it's bad enough that my mother and husband read it) so there is a good chance that many people I have regular contact with also blog...I wonder!?

  6. I drove past a random lady taking a photo of a beautiful tree this morning and my first thought was, "I wonder if she's taking that photo for her blog?!", only because I'm notorious for taking photos of inanimate objects for my blog! I'm always doing double takes when I see someone that I think I recognise from the blog world. xxx

  7. i am always people watching. i find it fascinating. and your right. you just never know. not so much through blogging but talking to local people, we often find we end up knowing the same people, etc...it is a small world.

  8. I love people watching, but i am not very good at it. I end giving people the crazy stares.. There are so many interesting people in this world.

  9. People watching is a favourite past time of mine :)
    As a teenager I would go sit inside a busy cafe in the middle of downtown Wellington and for hours would just watch people walking by.

  10. Oh my word yes Jody, I am definitely a people watcher, always have been. I kind of think it's why I have become so addicted to this blogging caper. I can't get enough of people's stories about their lives. But I like people watcher as a term, it's so much nicer than nosy parker or sticky beak ;o) Because even though I don't advertise that fact, I'm one of those too.
    If I see you in the real world, I'll say hello for sure xo

  11. I LOVE people watching too! That's why I usually wear such dark lensed sunglasses! :)
    When I travelled around Europe, rather than do guided tours of the city I would sit in cafes and just watch the world go by or walk on my own and get lost in the city and it's people. I felt it gave me a much better feel for what the city was about.
    It's a little hard to people watch with a toddler, but I really should have a Saturday morning coffee on my own and just watch the world go by! xxx

  12. I adore people watching. It must stem from my curious nature.

  13. I'm a people watcher too. I love wondering about the inner lives of people though truth be told I'm usually too busy Bebito wrangling these days to indulge in this habit as much as I used to. Xx


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