Friday, 14 October 2011


As i said yesterday, its been a busy week here, but with all good things. Play dates, early dinners out with the kiddies, birthday celebrations, play group, catch ups, coffee, more play dates and lovely drinks out tonight. All so much fun and all with wonderful friends.

I'm grateful for friends, new and old. I'm grateful for all the lovely friends i have made here. You make my days brighter and my spirit lighter. I am grateful for you all.

Joining the ever lovely Maxabella once again.

Have a great weekend my friends.

x jody

image here.


  1. good friends, particularly new ones, are one of the many things I am grateful for this week amidst the chaos!

    How awesome is that photo, don't you just want to jump in there!

  2. Happy weekend to you! They are good days when friends surround you and you can enjoy the finer things in life.

  3. Yes I couldn't agree more Jody. I have also had some lovely friend catch up's this week and I feel most fortunate to have them in my life. Not to mention all these wonderful virtual friends like yourself :o) xo

  4. I think it's the sunshine - we are all coming out of hibernation and having fun !
    (just had to double check that you are a Melbourne gal then!)

  5. Sounds perfect - the very best reason to be so busy. :)

  6. Great things to be grateful about Jody!


  7. lovely gratefuls jody and a great reason to be busy. have a lovely weekend.

  8. Where would we be without friends? With the weather getting warmer we seem to have come out of hibernation and are seeing our friends more often.
    You described it perfectly, your spirit feels lighter for having beautiful friends to share your life with x


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