Thursday, 27 October 2011

A History In Hair

I was looking through some old photos the other day. And as a hairdresser I always check out the hair first. I often wonder what i should do with my own hair, its a constant internal battle, to cut or not to cut? Anyhow I thought it would be a fun to look at all the different hairstyles i have or haven't had had over the years. So here it is - some really bad photos of me and my hair over the last ten or so years.











As you can see my hairstyles have really always been quiet boring. I did wear it short for a while, mostly when I was younger {and skinnier}, but as i have gotten older I have always gone safer and kept it longer. The changes are always minimal and I tend to stick to the same things wavy, curly, straight, fringe, side fringe, darker, slightly lighter. And more lately I have become lazy and just put it in a high messy bun. Kids and babies do that to hair I think. I know I don't have much time to be styling and fussing in the mornings. But I think I am ready for a change, something different... I just don't know what. I can't see myself any other way. And I think that happens to, as we get older we get more set on the way we 'think' we should look and it can become very difficult to change. Well that's my excuse anyhow.

So do you have any suggestions for me? 

I would love to see your hair history and invite you to share it with me too. Add a link in the comments if you have any posts about your hair so i can pop over and have a look. 

x jody


  1. I'm loving 2009 when you had it long and wavy.

  2. so cute jody! i do like the short hair in the first picture but im glad that you didn't stay blonde for too long - your brown hair looks gorgeous. maybe i'm biased, my hair's brown too. xo

  3. I couldn't imagine you as a blonde (although obviously now I can). I love the 2007 cut... You do have gorgeous long locks.
    I'll have to post my hair history soon... I've had a few doozies!! :) xx

  4. Wow, you look gorgeous in all the shots. Ireally like the short hair too. My history in hair is way too embarrassing!

  5. Funnily enough I thought you had just had a hair cut when I opened this post and was thinking Wow...I love the short hair :)
    I love the look of you in 07/09 and think you rock as a brunette!
    I have no advice really...I am having the same dilemma. If only I had the courage to walk into a salon and tell them to go for their life. I don't even know what really suits me style wise.


  6. I think you suit both short and long hair, but I would have to say the 07 pic is my fave. HOT! And your brunette colour is gorgeous. I'm always having the same dilemma, but as soon as I get it cut shorter I hate it.

  7. Wow, great hair! I like all your styles xo

  8. 02 & 09 are my faves, but you look gorgeous in all of them. I love brunette but my hairdresser laughed at me when I said I wanted to go dark!

  9. Your 2006 hair is exactly how I remember you x

  10. My hair story is similar to yours. I had it short eons ago when I was in my early teens and slimmer. I then grew it very long for ages till I gradually shortened it a lot like your 2006 shot, though shorter and more layered. The upkeep and subsequent poor cuts with layers led me to grow it again. I've been maintaining a similar slightly layered cut for ages now. I do feel like a daring change but with a round face, am just not sure what will work. Thus I play safe. I tie it up a lot too which is annoying sometimes but without a fringe, it falls into my face more than I'd like and that's just impractical as a mum. I'm going to have to work out colours soon too since I'm going grey slowly, but surely. I love my natural colour so am hoping to find a similar hue somewhere out there. Just not sure if I should go highlights to cover the initial greys or just do the whole head. Decisions, decisions! Going bald may be a lot easier, if I could get over the vanity factors,


Thank you so much for stopping by, i love hearing from every one of you! xx

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