Sunday, 23 October 2011

Problogger + Sunny Sundays

It feels like so much has happened... we have been so busy and the little ones have been so sick i haven't had a chance to sit and write.

On Friday i attended the problogger training event, held at the Novotel in Melbourne CBD. Not doubt you have heard and read countless posts about the day so i won't bang on about it too much. I really had a great time {apart from feeling a little ill in the morning} I met so many amazing bloggers and spent the day with some of my faves, some i am lucky enough to call my friends. Darren Rowse was amazing. I learnt so much and feel overwhelmed with all the information provided on the day, i am not sure it all applied to me as my blog in not monetized, but there was a lot that really got me thinking, in fact i don't think i have even processed all of it yet. I need to sit, re read all of my notes and try to absorb it. I need to put what i learnt into action. I could even say i loved the networking and social aspect of the day more than the conference itself, it was a great opportunity to meet, greet and chat with lots of like minded people. My night continued, and i was lucky enough to have a lovely dinner and some more drinks with some pretty amazing women. I feel very privileged.

I backed it up with work early on Saturday. After such a big day and night to say i was tired was an understatement. A quiet night was in order, i caught up on some much need sleep.

Sunday was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the air smelt fresh and clear from all the rain we'd had. Melbourne was simply gorgeous. The little ones, having been sick all week and been couped up in the house, they were feeling better and desperate to get out, as were we. We decided early to head over to my brothers place, the kiddies we super excited to see Uncle Bert. He made us a yummy breakfast and kept us entertained for the day. We walked in the sun, had coffee, relaxed and slept. We drank beers in the afternoon and headed out for an early dinner. A simply perfect day, i got to laze and relax without having all the washing and cleaning i should be doing staring at me. The little ones were so good, on their best behavior and relishing in such a lovely day out. I couldn't have asked for anymore.

So tell me how are you? what have you been up too lately?

x jody


  1. Loving this early burst of summer too. Today was a glorious day. Feels good to be alive. x

  2. What a beautiful day!

    I had a similarly beautiful day in this glorious Melbourne weather :)

    I love your photos, they tell a thousand words :)


  3. Oh how sweet is that pic with the double dummies... one for hand, one for mouth :o) Gorgeous babe!
    Sounds like a mixture of hectic and relaxed this weekend, but all sounds pretty darn good to me. I'm sure you have plenty to process from your day at the conference, the idea of those days excites me, but I do think I'd feel like a little fish if I was to attend one. I'll be happy just to read all about them on my fave blogger's posts ;o) xo

  4. The networking on Friday was so much fun wasn't it!?

    I can't even imagine what working on Saturday must've felt like. Hope it was okay.

    Bet the kids had heaps of fun on Sunday. So nice for you, having family close. You must speak of him more!


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