Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One Of Those Days

It was one of those days. It all started well, full of hope and promise. Sunshine and fun. But quickly took a turn for the worse. Riley has been unwell since Monday, a virus so the doctor says. This morning he woke feeling and looking a little better. So i thought i would take the risk and head out for the morning. We just went to the supermarket and did some shopping. Nothing too exciting or strenuous. But boy did i pay for it. Sleeps were minimal and Riley woke with a raging fever and much sicker than before. Lyla is teething and possibly coming down with the same thing. They were both miserable. It was a long and draining afternoon for us all. The little ones were so tired, whingy and clingy. I didn't feel so calm. But kept it together for them. I fed {not that they ate}, bathed them and tucked them in to bed nice and early. They didn't resist it. They were tired and they new it. I was relieved.

And now my head feels clearer. The house is quiet. The chaos has faded. Wine is helping. I know that tomorrow is a fresh new day. And that in it self is comforting.

How was you're day today? How do you turn a bad day into a good one?

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  1. oh that poster sums up life for me at the moment! I'll spare you the details but i'm exhausted .. and have been for a couple of weeks now. Luckily i'm having a long weekend this weekend ... couldn't come sooner. hope your darlings are well again soon. breathe easy. x

  2. Wowee.

    Sounds like we had the same day. And both posted about it :)

    Hoping your little ones get better soon, & more of a calm takes place in your house :)


  3. Oh poor Jody. You know for the past (almost) 4 months I feel we've all been sick at one stage or another... ever since I went back to work part time. The day care bugs are atrocious, not a fan, but that's another story. Both boys have bad coughs that they just can't shake. So I feel your pain. I have however, been insisting on making the most of the sunshiney days we've been blessed with for the past few. Just getting out and amongst it... always in the morning and taking the afternoons slowly and as they come. Each day is a whole new ball game. Hope yours is much brighter tomorrow and those darling babes of yours feel much better too :o) xo

  4. I think sometimes it's good to just get to the end of the day!
    It's not easy, I know when my kids are sick i feel a bit trapped.

  5. i always love the end of a day when my little people are not well. it definitely can take its toll on you. i love to sit down and do nothing with a coffee in hand - repair my head space. hope all is better soon. xo.

  6. Gosh you poor thing! I hope the kids get well soon! Teething is the worst, isn't it! Ted is teething too but is handling it quite well.

    Yesterday, I had a cruisy morning. My sister came over and played with the kids for 2 hours while I cleaned, what a doll! Then I went to the gym which was depressing. Fit, flexible young women everywhere. And then me, puffing away on the bike :( Oh well!

    Hope today is better xxx

  7. At the end of a day like this I do pretty much the same as you...sit down and relax with drink in hand enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.
    Hope your littlies are feeling better today :)


  8. Thank goodness that the sun sets on days like these. x

  9. We have had sickness in our house too ... hope you are all on the mend now though. Sending my best healthy wishes!!


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