Thursday, 13 October 2011


This week has been a rather busy one, but in a good way, which makes for a nice change. We have been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely gifts along the way. A lovely pair of shoes from All About Heidi arrived in the mail yesterday for Lyla, courtesy of the lovely Claire. They are the most beautiful little leather shoes i have ever seen, made with such care and love. Lyla looked so comfortable in them and could almost put them on and off herself, not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but for an independent little miss who likes to dress and undress herself i'm pretty sure she will love them just as much as i do! {note the inside out leggings!}

Riley scored well this week too, one of my lovely friends is visiting from overseas and bought him some awesome Automoblox minis, they are little cars with interchangeable pieces so you can pull them apart, build and customize them yourself.  The little man thinks there pretty ace and so do i, he has played with them non stop for the last two days - now that's a record!

And lucky me got given this gorgeous Anthropologie scarf!

We are all feeling pretty special and loved up this week! {except poor Mr S} So many beautiful things and so so lucky to have such beautiful friends.

Hope you are having a good week too?

x jody


  1. what lovely presents! those shoes are just, just perfect!

  2. ooooooh the shoes look wonderful! Glad you love them.

    Lovely new things, all of them :)

  3. Oh what lovely goodies Jody and very well deserved too :o)
    Your scarf is gorgeous and fun. Lyla's shoes are too adorable... only matched by how adorable she is!
    Sounds like it's been a lovely week, so glad to hear it xo

  4. what beautiful presents! Sounds like a great week :)

  5. I just LOVE those shoes! Honestly, if I had a little girl, that's what she would wear, EVERY day :)

    And a lovely scarf too :) I've been loving all shades of yellow lately :)


  6. gorgeous gifts. i love them all. those shoes are adorable. xo.

  7. Love, love, love them all x

  8. So nice to hear you had a beautiful week. x


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