Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thrifty Finds . .

Being out of town for the weekend gave me the opportunity to explore new op shops, markets and antique stores. Unfortunately, where we were everything was completely overpriced but i manage to find these sweet little mugs and a lovely apron.  

Did you have any good finds?

x jody

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  1. those mugs are so 70s, i love them jody. I had to avoid a second hand shop in a part of town i'm not normally in today, but it was so hard. so many little colourful things in the window! x

  2. oh wow, my friend's mum had similar mugs to these when i was growing up. ah the memories...! you always find lovely things. hope you had a lovely weekend away.

  3. Oh those mugs bring back memories Jody. Not sure why, but obviously someone had them while I was growing up. Probably my Nana & Papa. They had so much cool retro stuff, so sad that alot of it was given away/thrown out when their house was sold :o(
    Sounds like you had a great time exploring over the weekend xo

  4. It's a bummer oppies are getting more expensive! I do love that apron though.

  5. Those mugs bring back memories of my first experience sharing a house after I came to Australia as an 18 year old in the late seventies! Everyone had them! Now that they are not so common they are loved so much more!

  6. lol those coffee cups look familiar!

  7. My nana had a whole collection of those mugs and I have been keeping an eye out for them for years...sadly I am still looking.

    Great finds Jody, love the mugs and your apron.

  8. I adore the design on the brown mug, so simple and cute.

  9. I havent come across thrift stores lately but I'd love to. The finds are so fascinating, on the opposite pole of $2 shop finds. I did find a gorgeous blog full of amazingly inexpensive thrift store finds though. Made me want to jump on a plane and escape away -


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