Monday, 24 October 2011

Twenty Seven

My brother moved to Melbourne four years ago, he didn't really know anyone but made the move from Sydney to be closer to us. He is our only real family in Melbourne. In the time he has been here, he has made an abundance of friends and met plenty of people, as have I, some we would now call family too.

I got a phone call this afternoon from one of his best mates, lets call him Gilbert. Gilbert is a country boy at heart and moved to Melbourne with another friend around the same time my brother did. I can't remember how they met, but somehow they all became close friends and moved in together. As the years have passed we have seen more and more of the boys, they join us for meals and celebrations, they are good with the kiddies, like a drink and always provide plenty of entertainment. They have become our family too.

It is unusual for me to get a phone call from Gilbert. I was a little suspicious and worried as to why he would be calling me. It surprised me when he started with the pleasantries. And then out came the reason behind the call 'it is my birthday on Monday, can we come over for dinner?'. Of course I said yes. I think it's so sweet and I am more than flattered. You see it is almost becoming a tradition to have each of the boys here on their birthdays, i cook whatever they fancy and make a cake, what ever they request. I am like the mum. I love the chance to make something special, for my family, for my brothers, I love that they would choose to spent their birthday's with us. 

That is the best kind of family, the one you choose to have.

What is your family like? Do you have friends that are you're family too?

x jody

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  1. That is so cute Jodie!

    I have friends that are a lot like family. Sadly they live to far away now.

    Which makes me sad as sometimes I wish it was my actually family that lived far away... that sounds nasty, but my family are a complicated bunch and are way easier in small doses!

  2. That is so gorgeous. He knows that you will make it special for him.

    x Lee

  3. I wrote something similar recently.

    It is true that your friends are the family you choose.

    I love my family but my friends are the ones I spend time with purely out of choice.

    How lovely to be the one that they want to spend special days with :)

  4. aawww, so sweet. bet you'll have a lovely time. yep, friends are the family we choose. my best friend is like that. i'm close to her and her two sisters. it's nice, especially with no siblings of my own.

    happy candle blowing, x

  5. Oh, that is really sweet Jody. And it also says alot about you and your little family. Obviously your brother and his mate feel totally at home with you and really, there is nothing nicer than having people like that in your life. The one's who make you feel welcome every time.
    I consider some of my close friends as family. Definitely people I would choose as family, if I could :o) xo

  6. that is really sweet jody. have a lovely time. xo.

  7. Love that. I have some friends that I consider my family too!!! Wink wink.

  8. That is really lovely. I think a birthday is a special occasion that should be celebrated. Gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling! Cheers, Marianne


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