Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gaytime Ice-Cream Cake

This cake is regularly requested for birthdays at our house. Everyone loves a Gaytime. It is super easy to make and tastes so so good, maybe not so good for the waste-line but that's what birthdays are for, right? Although I probably don't think it's an original idea, I kind of just came up with it myself when challenged by Mr S a couple of years ago, {each year he likes to think of elaborate and unusual ideas for cakes he wants me to make for him, because clearly I have nothing better to do}. It is tradition in our house to get whatever cake you wish on your birthday. This one has become a family favorite, best of all you can make it ahead of time and there is no baking involved! 

So here is my basic recipe, you can add any extras you like and tweak it to make it your own.

You will need
Cling film
A pudding tin or any old cake tin will do.
Make day ahead to allow time to freeze.

8 Gaytime ice-creams
2 Liters of vanilla ice-cream
Half a packet of chocolate biscuits crushed

Take ice-cream out of the freezer and allow to soften but not melt completely.
Line the cake tin or pudding tin in this case, with cling film, leave extra to overhang the tin.
Place softened ice-creams around the edge and bottom of the tin one at a time. Remove sticks and squish into place. Kind of flatten them a little to line the tin, making sure there isn't any gaps.

Once tin is fully lined with the Gaytime's pour in half the softened vanilla ice-cream. Add a good layer of crushed chocolate biscuits {or whatever you want.} Then add the remaining vanilla ice-cream on top.

It will look like this. Return to the freezer overnight or for at least a good six hours.

To serve, invert cake on to plate, the tin should remove easily. Remove cling film. Add any other decorations or things you like.

For Gilbert's birthday we added some extra vanilla ice-cream over the top and a little snowboarder just for fun!

So there you have it. Embarrassingly, ridiculously easy. Delicious. Guaranteed winner. 

Do you have a birthday cake tradition at your house? What do you ask for on your birthday? What is your favorite cake? 

x jody


  1. I am so making this for hubby in a fortnight! Brilliant! xx

  2. Um, that is just pure. genius! YUM YUM YUM! Thank you so much for sharing Jody. Hubby would love this and I know I would just smash it down if I got the chance also :o) Lovely pics too! xo

  3. What an awesome idea. Love it. I love gaytimes haven't had one for years!!!

  4. Excellent idea...I make similar ice-cream cakes where I mx in different things but never thought to line tin with Gaytimes (haven't had one in years either)! Will definitely give this a go! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love it! What a fab idea. I love Gaytimes

  6. That looks fab Jody, what a clever idea! xx

  7. well who would have thought. what a delicious idea. still my favourite bought ice-cream on a stick to this day!! xo.

  8. That is one seriously cool cake!!

  9. Good lord. I could devour that WHOLE thing. Delish!


  10. Far out Jody I love Gaytimes, hardly ever have them but I'll be having this, thank you very much! It's the same concept as an 'Aussie Christmas Pudding' we do with chocolate bars and icecream.

  11. Oh WOWsers!!! I am going to have to request that for my next birthday - yummmmo!! {thanks for sharing!}

  12. Dear Lord! That cake would be delicious - & very dangerous in this household! I love that little snowboarder on top!

    We have a birthday cake tradition that started 14 years ago whn my husband & I started going out - every year I made him a rainbow butter cake witha differenttheme. One year it was a VB can, one year it was a steve irwin cake. Gave me plenty f practice for when my girls came a long!

  13. This is brilliant!! Thanks for sharing x

  14. Oh my god! Golden gaytimes are my favorite! I'm so gonna try this! Thanks!
    Rach x

  15. Yay! Tonight's the night I'm making this!! Might do it in a bar tin though, saw your hubby has a pic up on Flickr from Feb last year when I googled it done like that. :) (Not stalking I promise!!) xx

  16. OMG I'm so making this for Christmas Day!!

  17. I just noticed Cherie at Raising Master Max made this, and followed her link to this recipe! thanks so much...i'll be making this for sure this summer....perhaps for Christmas Dessert! xx

  18. Love this! I had a shot at it and blogged about it too - also linked back to this post :)

    Thanks for the tip!


  19. OMG! I am in heaven! I imagine heaven to be full of this delicious ice cream!

    Sophie xo

  20. So easy, I love it! I'm definitely making this cake for the next birthday.

  21. I only just found this recipe through links from Phoodie's Golden Gaytime cake (inspired by your original) and your blog is beautiful! I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing something so achievable but special. Definitely will try this!


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