Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Home Day

Today is a home day for us. We usually try to have a least one a week. Our days are full and busy so it is nice to be at home, we stayed in our jarmies while we did some house work and pottered about. We did duck out quickly for some bread and coffee {not in our jarmies}, but other than that we have just been here. The little ones love it, they need a day to rest and just be. I had an old friend poping over for lunch, so the little ones played and watched a movie, while I made some soup for us all. It was only a quick visit, but oh so good to catch up. We chatted, ate and drank coffee. And then she was gone, the little people are sleeping and I have a moment to my own. I'm having another coffee, catching up on some reading, I might even prepare dinner and listen to some more Armistice. {Big thank you to my brother for suggesting I listen to them.} I am totally in love with this Mariachi style band. Can't get enough. I think you should listen to them too.

All in all it's a good day here, I hope it continues that way.

How has your day been?

x jody


  1. i am loving this music so much! it is important to have home days isn't it .. i had one this sunday - and when i did venture out (necessary shopping) i found it all so overwhelming and retreated back home and rested. xoxo

  2. We have more home days than not now though we did learn the hard way. Until recently we got so caught up in being out all the time that it finally caught up with us. I do much prefer home days though and so do the kids.
    I love that music btw.


  3. I knew you would love them Georgi! xx

  4. Aren't home days wonderful! A nice way to re-charge - and also o actually tenjoy the bazillion toys in the toy box :o)

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me. I love my home days :)

  6. I love home days too. And great find, love this band so much. Only heard of them recently on youtube too. I have never wanted a tat sleeve more in my life!


  7. We still have pyjama days, they are the best!
    Love that clip too, I'm off to iTunes :)

  8. Thanks lovelies, it was very nice, pity every day can't be like that! x

  9. Home days are so special. We don't have many - there always seems to be something on, especially now it's December - but I do love them. I have never had a pyjama day though, think I might have to look at something like that!


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