Monday, 14 November 2011

Park Days

And just like that the weekend came and went. 

Another week closer to Christmas.

Is it just me or is time passing particularly fast?

Hope you all have a lovely week.

x jody


  1. What cuties ... love those hands in the pockets!

  2. In the summer time speeds up..then in winter it slows down..or that's how it seems!

  3. Oh park days are always filled with so much action and fun, love them! And love your photos... they are just gorgeous :o)
    YAY, you won one of the packs on my giveaway, so happy about that :o) xo

  4. Lovely phot's Jody! And no its no just you time is passing very fast! I can't believe Christmas is round the corner!

  5. Yes it seems to go way to fast these days though I love christmas time I'm sure I just paid for the last one. Precious moments you have captured here just lovely. Enjoy your week

    Always Wendy

  6. I love the hands in the pockets... Hmmm, will I wander over to the swing or maybe take in those lovely flowers. Choices choices.

  7. Not enough TIME till Xmas I think... I haven't even started my shopping. I am feeling more and more anxious about it, but alas, still haven't even opened a toy catalogue. Haha

    Gorgeous pics as usual.

    As they say, time flies when you are having fun ;)


  8. Some of our best days spent together as a family are spent at the park :)

  9. time is flying jody! and aren't parks the best! great photos. xo.

  10. Nope it's definitely not just you, I feel like there is only a couple of days between weekends. It's crazy. I keep saying one day I'm gonna wake up and I'll be 80 all of a sudden! It's too fast!
    Lovely pics
    Rach x

  11. Oh my what sweetie pies...and yes the time is zoooooming by...oh dear don't like it one little bit..way too much to do.
    Happy Day to you.


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