Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Scissor Happy

You know I'm a hairdresser right, well these days I can barely control myself when it comes to cutting hair, {especially if it's a family member.} If someone even mentions in passing, they need a haircut, their hair is too long, they are too hot, out come the scissors. And poor little Riley was the victim today. He was sweaty and sticky, he said he was too hot and his fringe was too long {possibly something he had heard from me..} So I got cutting right away. Even though I prefer boys with longer hair, even though I thought his hair look so cute the way it was, I couldn't resist. And this is what he ended up with.

Its a hazard of the trade I guess. Although he still looks like a little spunk to me. It also got me thinking about cutting my own hair shorter, I have been wanting a change for quiet a while now, but just not sure what I should do.. i'm too indecisive. It has taken me so long to grow my hair, but I feel it's a little boring.. I am thinking maybe an edgy type bob.. Mr S is sick of me talking about it and asking him, because he knows i'll complain when my hair is short too. 

So I am asking you, what do you think?

I am feeling scissor happy, watch out!


  1. You'd look fab with a bob hun! As you know, I did the liberating cut after my wedding and loved it. Hair grows back - so its good to mix it up I think.
    I vote - cut! :) xx

  2. He looks as gorgeous as ever! I got the nerve up after your last post about cutting hair to actually give Miss A her first one. And surprisingly, knowing zero about cutting hair, let alone curly hair, she still looks like my little cherub. As for you, I like the photos you've posted with shorter hair, but maybe it's time for a colour change? I've just gone back to blonde and am loving it!! xx

  3. Go on! Do it! Cut it! I cut my hair short(bob) again for the first time last April because I was sick of looking like a slob - because when my hair was long I'd just tie it back! Short hair forces me to do it because my hair is curly so I have to straighten it! Last nmonth I went the asymmetrical bob & I love it! :)

  4. Oh I could SO use your expertise around here Jody. I would LOVE to have a hairdresser on hand... especially for Angus, his locks grow so quickly and I'm always snipping bits of here and there... and I am NO hairdresser, that is for sure :o/
    Riley looks gorgeous! A real little boy now, so sweet xo

  5. I chopped off most of mine before L was born though I haven't had enough time to play with it enough to totally love it. I love a bob & think it's fairly easy to manage & I vote yes to the chop too! Your little man looks adorable by the way. I wish again that we lived nearer so you could chop my hair too!

  6. He is BEAUTIFUL!

    A real little boy :)

    Feel free to go scissor happy on mine! haha. Mine has split ends on split ends! I'd be a hairdresser's worst nightmare :)

  7. Loving the new 'do'
    I say if you want a change go for it..it's only hair and it will grow back :)



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