Monday, 7 November 2011


Today i went on a bit of a rampage, cleaning, sorting, chucking, bagging. I have felt the need for a big clean out for a while now, but have kept putting it off. Today it happened, without me even knowing. I had folded all the washing in the house and was attempting to put it all away, this is not something i do very often, we prefer to live out of washing baskets and piles. As I was shoving things in draws, I remembered why I usually avoid doing so. Our storage sucks. We haven't got build in robes or a dressing room. Lyla's clothes are in a section of my draws and now none of my things fit anymore. It pretty much cascaded from there. I decided I have to get on top of this once and for all. We have an old small wardrobe in our spare room we use for storage, which would be perfect for Riley, Lyla's things can move into Riley's cupboard and I can have my draws back! Sounds simple right? Unfortunately not the case, well I guess it could of been but I have a way of always making things more complicated than they ought to be. Anyhow, today I spent hours cleaning out the spare room, emptying the wardrobe and sorting through everything in it, packing things into boxes to hopefully move out to the shed, I even managed to sort through all our clothes and got a nice collection for the op shop, I filled bags with rubbish and put things where they belong.

Now the wardrobes are clear, I have have to start thinking about sanding and painting {which I will probably make Mr S do}. For Lyla I am thinking yellow, its no secret I love yellow, i'm thinking something sunny and bright. For Riley I am not quiet sure what I want to do yet. Tonight my house is in a shambles, evidence of a job half done overflowing in to our lounge room, but I will face it all again tomorrow. For now I am just happy that things are happening, I am motivated and am ticking things off my project list.

What things are you ticking off your list at the moment?
Do you like yellow too?

x jody


  1. Oh Jody, this sounds EXACTLY like my day. I went on a mass rampage, throwing out junky toys and magazines and clothes etc... and it all started first thing from folding the washing, haha!
    I also had 2 new storage ottomans delivered to me today, which inspired the clean out. Oh and yes they were worth the 4 week wait, I am in. LOVE with them. I'm sure I'll post about them some time in the near future ;o) They're awesome.
    Well done on the big clean up and exciting plans you have in store xo

  2. Despite my break i'm not ticking nearly as many things off my list as I thought I would... I love love love yellow, particularly that gorgeous canary shade.

    Let's catch up soon xx

  3. I did the SAME thing today.

    My god. My house is so clean right now, it damn well sparkles :)

    A rarity. And something that only ever seems to last 24 hours (why do I even bother?) :)

    But those drawers ... those beautiful lemon yellow drawers, are BEAUTIFUL!


  4. Oh that horrible bit where you've created more mess than there was before! Keep the motivation though, it's well worth the end result.

    Love that yellow wardrobe (and I'm not usually a huge fan of yellow)

  5. Yellow Yellow! Yes you must paint something yellow. After doing my front door I am busy looking at what else to paint. Today is so grey here in the UK that yellow in every room seems like the most perfect colour! Enjoy sorting and re-arranging. The top cupboard is Ikea, its lovely! Lou xx

  6. I LOVE yellow, and as a matter of fact, I have an old bar base that I want to paint and make fabulous again. I couldn't figure out what to do. Now I know...YELLOW! Wonderful! Thank you!

    Beth Shephard

  7. love yellow...and i need to do what you have done. my two little girls keep bringing things into the house and i have not got to the point of taking them back out (secretly)...5yr old came hm last ni with a large cardboard box of clay sculptures! thanks kindy for the extra clutter. have a good day. hope you are feeling cleansed!

  8. I love yellow! So happy that you can't help but smile when you see it. I'm with you on the sudden urge to get things done. I woke up on Sunday morning with a determination that it was the day I was finally going to repaint a feature wall in the house - I've disliked it since we moved in over 3 years ago yet when I woke up on Sunday morning I'd just decided, that was it. It needed to go. Trust me to pick something I can only do when the boys are asleep! I'll be working on it each night this week to have it done by the weekend. It feels good to finally be doing it!

  9. Yes... absolutely love yellow! Sure to brighten any day.

    I had a big clean out last week. Actually, it was more of a rearrange. We've only been at sjw for 18 months but things I put in the cupboards when we moved in were still in the same place and I had actually forgotten about some of them. A rearrange always makes old things feel new again! gxo

  10. I'm doing the same at my house, de-cluttering, re-arranging, the whole spring cleaning thing! It feels great. I'm not finished but hopefully soon!
    Normally I'm not a massive yellow fan, that's not to say I don't like it, I just don't do yellow in my house. I like green! But...I did buy yellow nail polish a couple a couple of weeks ago and I love it!
    Rach x

  11. Sounds awesome. The yellow looks fabulous in the shots. Hope you post some finished work shots too :)

  12. I love yellow - yes do yellow!
    It must be the time for a clear out as that is what I have been doing too - first our clothes - next is the kids toys!!

  13. I so relate to doing this type of thing. I start off doing one thing and before I know it my daughter's artwork is piled everywhere and old baby and toddler clothes are strewn about to be sorted and repacked. Yup, those are two big things I am trying to tick off my list. And storage space is such an issue here too. I wish I wasn't sentimental, though I am grateful I am not an excessive hoarder. Loving the yellow. I think it looks gorgeous.

  14. Wow I love the yellow wardrobe. How did it go. did you paint it yellow?


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