Thursday, 3 November 2011

Two Cheeky Monkeys

These two little monkeys are forever jumping on their beds. They strip the bed bare and jump like two crazed little people. They love it so. Often during the day I hear them sneak off to their room, they find something to climb on and turn the light on. One holds said item, one does the climbing, it's a team effort you see. They have just started this working together thing, they even play together more often than not, its a new phase and I think it is oh so sweet. Even if they are getting up to mischief, I think it is cute all the same. So you know what I do? I let them jump on the bed. I let them make a mess, have fun and go a little crazy.  It wares them out and you can see they are having just the best time. It gives me half an hour peace and it's good for them, they are learning to work together and when I hear the chatting and laughter drifting from their room it makes my heart melt. I love them so.

Do you let your little ones jump on the bed??

x jody


  1. So cute! My kids have bunk beds in their rooms, so they can't but they are forever jumping on my bed!

    Where did you get the wall decals from?

  2. They are SO SO SO beautiful!

    And so ALIKE!

    Very cute :)

    This made me smile :) xx

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  4. so gorgeous jody. that brother-sister relationship is one to be cherished for sure. my younger brother and i were similar age differences and were really close growing up together. also just love the birds on the wall! :-) xoxo
    ps. sorry about above - i used th wrong account!

  5. Your kids are adorable! Yes my kids used to love jumping on their beds (and mine!), and they still give it a go now even though they're bigger!
    Hope you're having a lovely day!
    Rach x

  6. Gorgeous kiddies :)
    Our little one jumps on the bed every chance he gets...falling off has not deterred him.

  7. Oh you're a clever Mama Jody. It seems you have found the key to happy kids, happy Mama ;o) Funnily enough, I have recently discovered the key also. It is the best feeling in the world to watch your children play and be good mates, can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, with my two, it invariably becomes a little rough and rowdy... but they're just being kids. I don't mind Angus jumping on the bed really... after all I used to do it when I was a wee one :o)
    Gorgeous photos, your babies are delightful xo

  8. What cuties!!
    My kids are allowed to jump on their beds but not on mine - for some reason when they jump on mine it annoys me, not sure why?

    Actually Miss Maggie broke her bed jumping on it so much - but it made her laugh, and we managed to fix it with superglue, so not so bad really.

  9. hehe so cute - yup I let mine jump on the beds too.

  10. I can't stop Abi jumping on my bed, she loves it!


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