Sunday, 15 January 2012

Late Night Ramblings

It is late. I'm lying with the little man, snuggled up in his bed, he has a sore tummy. The room is dark, quiet and peaceful. I can hear Lyla's sleep sounds from across the room. He speaks to me with his warm sleepy breath close to my face. With great pause and consideration this is what he says to me:

. Mama can you rub my tummy?

. Your hair is getting long, I think you should get Joann to cut it for you, call her in the morning and you can go and see her, I will stay with Dad and Lyla.

. Can I have eggs for breakfast, Dad can make them for me and you and Lyla.

. But we can have cereal too, maybe weetbix or cornflakes or bubbles or mini's or O's if I have a good sleep.

. Can you rub my back now?

. You can go back to your bed now.

. Sweet dreams, I love you anyway.

And I say 'yes' to it all. He is the sweetest little thing. And even though he is growing up so fast, he will still always be my first baby.  I love him so.

I love the late night ramblings.

Don't you? 



  1. Just gorgeous! I know what you mean with your first born always being your first baby. I talk to my first born a lot about remembering him as a baby and he LOVES hearing about it. He is such a mama's boy (though growing fast too) and I love it! Keep enjoying those special moments. xx

  2. Awww this is gorgeous Jody, so great that you have jotted all of these down, because they are beautiful ramblings and ones that are sure to be forgotten with time. So important to get those little pearls written down. Angus makes me smile so much and warms my heart with the things he says also and like yourself, I am always thinking to myself how he is my first baby, which is so very special :o) xo

  3. We had lots of rambling last night, but less pleasant. 'where's MY MILK? I want it NOW.'

    How can the first not hold that special place? We do so much growing and learning with them, and they are the ones who make us a mother.

    You've inspired me to listen to those late night ramblings and not fight them, x

  4. So incredibly sweet.

    I treasure moments like these too.


  5. Adorable sleepy conversations. I hope I'll always remember how sweet and warm my daughters breath is. Kellie xx

  6. Oh cute! Dont they just say whatever comes into their head no matter how random.;)

  7. How adorable, and how lovely that you've documented them to hold close forever.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. He is just the sweetest wee boy. They grow up too fast don't they.


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