Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Or Somethin'

At almost three and a half, this little guy is like a sponge. He surprises me daily with new reasoning, logic, questions, conversations, words and phrases. It's these words and phrases that have been troubling me of late. It seems this little sponge is picking up all my bad habits. I'm not just talking about the odd swear word, more the fact he is highlighting my bad English and lazy pronunciation. I am shocked when I hear him say words that sound, dare I say so ocker, like 'nahh' 'dunno' and 'or somethin' {there is more i just can't remember them right now!} I was puzzled and wondered where he could have got these bad habits from? That was until I caught myself saying the very same things... I never knew my English was so poor. But it is true, i have noticed I add 'or somethin'?' to the end if almost every sentence these days, for example 'would you like some lunch or somethin'?', 'do you want to go for a walk or somethin'?' - when did this happen?! 

I don't know where I picked it up, but now Riley is saying it too. 

Time to stop and think before I speak. Time to remember little ones hear and repeat everything! 

Has this happened to you? What funny things do your kiddies say?

x jody


  1. Like, totes, seriously, like, actually, all the time! ;)

    Poss picks up everything and has a nasty habit of using the most inappropriate phrases in the right context at just the wrong moment...!

    Don't worry - I hear they grow out of it!

  2. Man, they are like mirrors, aren't they? And sponges. Mirrory spongy little blocks of deliciousness. x

  3. How true, I used to be so careful with my pronunciation, and people used to comment on how well spoken my son was, then, I dunno, somethin happened, guess I couldn't keep it goin, and then he started picking me up on my pronunciation at times. Then, there's school..now my 2.yo daughter is picking up on my son's bad habits, everything's "cool", or if we're in a supermarket cue, she starts pointing out her "big butt"!! So, I'm trying desperately to correct it, with a cheeky 6 y.o and 2 y.o daughter hanging on every word (mostly of her big brother's), it's no easy task :)

  4. They are such parrots at this age aren't they?

    I mean no disrespect to anyone but I do find some Aussies are lazy talkers...it was something that jumped out at me when we first moved here and I had to ask them to repeat what they had said as they keep dropping the sounds of some words :)


  5. Haha, I know what you mean Jody, Angus sounds like a little parrot of me sometimes... and it scares the bejesus outta me... and yes, he says bejesus too! Terrible :o/ Your little guy is divine xo

  6. Yes, yes, yes... No swear words at the moment but those funny little phrases... I clearly use the expression 'how about...?' when asking what they want. Bowie says it all the time!

    Nothing like kids to highlight our foibles!

  7. Riley's grin is so adorable!
    Yes, it's quite scary just how much they mimic. Not just the words, but the tone as well. Ruby went through a stage of saying "huh?". I thought she sounded terrible, until I heard myself saying it. Had to quickly change it. As they get older too they remind you about every time you've sworn!

  8. When my baby son (now 20) was about 8, he announced to me that he felt "physically nauseous"... He felt sick.

    I was like "What?"... Too funny, I tried my hardest not to laugh.

  9. So so true. My Miss 3 and a half says "huh?' a lot. A. Lot. The shame!

    She also says, "I've got an idea...". She gets that from me too. I prefer that one! x


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