Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spit The Dummy - Update

Yesterday we decided it was time to ditch the dummies in our house. So far i'm pleased to say it has been relatively successful. I usually like to plan and strategically organize these types of operations, put yesterday we just jumped in feet first without really knowing where we were headed. The night wasn't too bad it took them about an hour and a half to fall asleep with lots of help from us, it was a pretty unsettled night, but we stayed strong and didn't give in too the dummy pleas {even though I felt so mean!} Riley was up and climbed in with us around 5am but on a whole wasn't too bad. 

They were very happy to start the day with yummy pancakes and a trip to the toy store as promised, a simple reward for making it through the night dummy free. We spoke about how proud we were of them both and how they didn't need them anymore, but one question kept poping up 'where had they gone?' I simply replied that I had put them away. Because I hadn't quiet thought out that part of the plan. We had discussed previously dummies being for babies and that they no longer needed theirs. And we had missed the fairy and Santa options. But then the idea came to me, that we could post the dummies to the babies that needed them. I put it too the kiddies and they loved the idea. So after lunch and a nap {which was short for them but a nap none the less} we searched the house and collected all the dummies, they decorated their envelopes and we put them all inside. I wrote on the envelopes and helped them attach the stamps. Because three year old's know you can't post anything without a stamp.

We piled into the car and drove to the post box, got out of the car and said goodbye to the dummies as I lifted each to shove their envelope into the box.

And that was that. There were no tears or tantrums. Part of me is sad though, with the realization that my babies are no longer babies. They are growing up. They sent their dummies off happily for 'the babies'.

You are probably thinking I am slightly crazy for doing such a thing, but I'm thinking some postman will get a good laugh when they find them, an un-addressed envelope of dummies.

But I don't care, it seems to have worked, I don't want them anymore, we don't need them and the little people really don't need them, they are adjusting and I know it won't take them too long, already tonight it only took them an hour to fall asleep and I'm hoping the overnight is better too.

So there you have it my improvised dummy evacuation plan.

So far its working for us!


ps. thank you for all your great comments and advice on my last post, I truly appreciate and value every single one. x


  1. That's gorgeous, I love it! I don't think you're crazy at all, I know how hard it is to break these habits. Good luck with it all!

    Rach x

  2. goodluck with it Jody, such a big step for you all.
    those envelopes will definitely get a laugh at the post office!
    well done, not crazy at all! ♥

  3. I love what you did - a great idea and very cute.
    You have turned giving the dummies up into a very positive thing for everyone - it can be really hard, and as you said, i found it a bit sad too, shedding those little bits of babyhood.
    Your kids will love looking back at those photos of the envelopes they made when they are older!

  4. Jody that's great news and such a clever idea. Your little ones must have felt very grown up handing their dummies over to other babies, too cute. You did a great job:)

  5. not crazy. genius. well done you. x

  6. I love this Jodie! What a brilliant idea to post them!

  7. What a wonderful way to do it and yes, I bet some postman has a great laugh!

  8. i think this will make the postman's day. he will have a sweet story to tell his own family! good work jody. happy for you and the kids. xo.

  9. Oh nice to hear it is working out for you Jody, that will make the postmans day...hopefully they cant track the return address ;))

  10. That's great! We did the Santa thing last year - actually handed it over to the poor guy in the shopping centre and asked him to give it to a baby who needed it. I had to nod and wink in the background to convince him to actually take it off my girl. We haven't looked back. Now I just have to find a way to get the dummies off my little girls.

  11. A great idea, Jody... and now they're out of the house, there's no turning back! gxo

  12. Fantastic Jody, you must be so proud of your kids, and be proud of yourself too for staying strong. I love that a postman will get them and be scratching his head!
    When I was a kid I gave my dummy to the ducks, went down to the river and threw it in! Never asked for it again.
    Hope tonight is a good night.

  13. Your Dummy Evacuation Plan is going fantastically, Jody. I am taking notes. x

  14. Well done, not an easy thing to do. I remember ours went to the dummy fairy to give to the new babies too...didnt post them the posties is still smiling...fantastic!


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