Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spit The Dummy

After months of talk and procrastination we decided today was the day to try and get rid of the dummies.

Both my kiddies love them*. We had weaned them down to pretty much only sleep times, but they both love them so much, they would have a sneaky suck whenever they could, have them stashed around the house in case of emergency and slept with at least five each. We new it would be a struggle to get rid of them.

We have tried various approaches before, mostly with Riley since he is almost three and a half {its starting to get a bit old for a dummy in my opinion.} But only half heartily and nothing has ever stuck.

Can I tell you these little suckers are the bane of my existence. Riley has quiet a few favorites he just has to have, he has names for them and everything like 'glassy one' and lighty one' he also has procedures for each which prolongs the whole bedtime routine, he likes lighty ones need to be lighted up {so they glow in the dark} and others often made juicy.. don't ask! Lyla has to have one in her mouth and one in her hand so she can rub her nose with it, cute i know, but not so cute when you have to get up five thousand times a night to find them. I don't even think they really 'need' them anymore they just like to have them, its a security thing I'm sure of it. I mean I don't have such a problem with them, I just know we will have to do this at some point. And I couldn't get rid of them for one and not the other at this age, it has to be both or nothing.

So with Riley off to kinder this year, today seemed like as good a day as any. The morning started off pretty well, we chatted about getting rid of them, how they don't really need them anymore. There were no major objections and both seemed happy enough. That was until Riley got stung by a bee. He wanted his dummy and I couldn't say no. I felt so bad for him, the poor little thing. A minor setback in the strategy. Which made their afternoon sleep tricky. I tried to hold back on the dummies but they weren't buying it. I gave in and and they had one each. Now who's the sucker?

The afternoon was dummy free, Riley had even chatted about trying again when the 'moon comes'. Mr S was home for backup this time. So we decided to give it another go. There were tears. LOTS of them. From both. Did I mention they share a room, cause this totally added to the intensity. There was lots of back and forth, negotiation, promise and bribery. Thank god MrS was here, he was great with them and really saved the day.

But now after an hour or so, all is fairly quiet, the night seems somewhat promising. Fingers crossed they make it through without them. If they do i'll be making pancakes for breakfast in the morning followed by a trip to the toy shop.

That was the deal after all.

Do or did you're little ones have dummies? If so how did you get rid of them? What tricks did you use? Or did they just give them up on their own?

Wish me luck. {I think we must be crazy doing this now, when were busy cleaning up and looking after our new puppy, it must be the year for changes, so far we have already got Lyla out of her sleeping bags and I am thinking of toilet training her too! Seriously there must be something wrong with me...}

x jody

*I dislike those damn dummies so much I found it hard to find photos of my kiddies with them!


  1. LOVE your post title. Sucks to be mummy sometimes huh? I have no words of wisdom, none of mine would take a dummy, I offered every kind available with Ruby! It seemed they preferred to use me as a dummy.. their security blanket has always been milk, when I cut them off, it was cow's. Still is. From what friends have told me, how they got rid of them, you are doing the right thing. Offering a reward, or swapping with Santa, Easter Bunny etc... or snipping the end off a little at a time so that there is nothing left to suck and they lose interest. Unfortunately you and hubby just have to stand your ground! A few hard days and things will be brighter - especially with some new toys to distract them! Throw in toilet training a puppy and a toddler - what are you complaining about woman? Piece of cake xx

  2. They all seem great at the beginning don't they and then when they get bigger then it can be tricky to get them to give them up. My oldest did have a dummy which I kept for just sleep. I remember talking to her about it for a little while and just warning her that she will need to give it up. So when she turned 2 years old we just didn't give it back to her. It was a while ago now, 10 years now, but I think preparing her was the trick. Getting them involved and giving them a little bit of control too so they think they've done it by themselves helps. I hope all goes well tonight Jody and the dummies are history. xx

  3. Miss T gave hers up at Kindy, cause someone else took it from her and put it in their mouth and that was the end of that, when I picked her up I said where's your dummy, she said in the bin and that was that, no more dummy, the childcare girls told me later what had happened, they offered to wash it for her, no dice she wasn't having any of that, she took it from them and put it straight in the bin. Never asked for one again.....they are strange lil ones sometimes

  4. Amazing! I wrote about Skye giving up the dummy this week too, but we had some help, the dog ate it and that was pretty much the end of that. almost 2 weeks on she has started resisting being put to bed but I am unsure of whether that is because of the dummy or just another phase.
    Good luck! xx

  5. Hope riley's foot was okay. Sounds like it ended up going really well. As you know I have no experience with dummies so no words of wisdom but if you stumble on a way to get a three year old to stop drinking bottles i'm all ears!

    You do have a big year but what excitement-a darling dog and the prospect of no nappies!

  6. My kids were dummy lovers. My now 17 year old used to have about 5 tied together & he'd swap them around. I can't remember how we stopped it, I'm sure it was stressful, but obviously we all got over it. Good luck with it.

  7. oh the dummy dilemma. i was only reading another similar post last night. penny has never been one to have it travel with her. she needs it though for midday nap time and bed time. she only ever asks for it when she is tired. i had a giggle at you explaining about the difference in dummies. penny is the same. it has driven me nuts in the past! i hope it all works out for you & your little ones. xo.

  8. Hi lovely,

    Go to seed.com.au, there's a dummy fairy book there for sale (I think $30???) & it comes with a bag that you tie to a tree in your backyard.

    You read it to your children, & they place all the dummies in the bag that night.

    Then in the morning, persons are under the tree in lieu of the dummies.

    Good luck mama xx

  9. The love hate realationship we have with dummies.
    My eldest son had a dummy up until his third birthday.
    He had been sick the night before and my nosey neighbor had (quite matter of fact - no sugar coating with this women) 'that dummy made you sick, its yukky go and put it in the bin'
    And he did!!!
    So very night when he asked for his dummy i would say 'sweetheart it made you sick remember' and he was fine.
    I don't recommend pushy neighbors as a way of getting rid of yours childs dummy (I much prefer Cherie's suggestion, which I plan on using with my little one) but it worked.

  10. Good luck with it, it's a hard process for some kids, others don't mind.

    Abi wasn't too bad. Although we did try a few times before she really understood that the dummy was REALLY going.

    We told her the dummy fairy was coming to take the dummies away to new babies who needed them. She seemed to understand that.

    I've heard of other parents saying that Santa or the Easter Bunny are coming to take them away, but then I thought that might confuse the child and they might resent Santa for taking them away?

    Stick with it, be strong. It might be a few nights of crying and whinging, but it should pass soon.


  11. We're on day four of operation eliminate dummy....or doodoo as they were called here. Our 3 year old chewed a massive hole through the last one so we decided that was it. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be, the first night was the worst. One of the most irritating things for me was other people's comments on him still using a dummy, really when was the last time you saw a teenager sucking on one?!

  12. Hmmm, yes we did have one major dummy sucker but it think she was about 3 when Santa took it, and another when it was feed to the fish out the front...planting the seed, they dont realise their actions til they are faced with the problem...it's like...oh nooo what have I done, did I agree to this??

    Perservance is the only thing that got us through...I now have a thumb sucker with our second child and dont know if that one will be even harder???x

  13. I was not a fan of dummies, but after weeks of sleeplessness my Pixie was given one. It lasted 12 months then I had to get rid of it. I was lucky she had a rabbit comforter that she loved, she still has that 2 years later, plus a spare!
    I went cold turkey, took it away and threw it out so there was no choice. The tears were tough but we got there. She's still not a great sleeper, but better than trying to put her dummy back in every night like I was doing.

  14. Hi Jody. My daughter was the biggest sucker, at 6 she will still (rarely) take a sneaky suck from my youngest dummy, even though she won't drink from the same cup for fear of germs! Go Figure.
    I've learn't you can change any behaviour in a week, yeap a week. We literally gathered all ours up and put them in the top cupboard. (not that she new, she gave them to the eater bunny). But that night was a very long one. She was seriously coming off of an addiction and I got all the behaviours (you see in the movies). I persisted, after a couple of nights she was good. Needless to say though her day sleeps pretty well went by the wayside. Without her dummy during the day, she'd have a little power rest and and just when I thought she'd about to doze off she'd be raring to go.
    she was about the same age as riley and only had it for sleeping but started to demand and carry on when we were out and about and that is when I had to draw the line.

  15. Be firm Jody! It'll be worth any pain in the end. The dummy fairy made a visit to us, just our middle daughter had a dummy. She popped it in a bag outside her door at bedtime and upon waking the dummy was gone and in its place a little toy which still lives in her bed. Success! gxo

  16. No dummies here! Main reason was because I didn't want to have to get up to give it to them when it fell out & it was one less thing to forget/lose. Selfish reasons, I know! Good luck! xx

  17. Oh those dummies! I am pretty lucky that neither of my boys ever took to them... well lucky as they grew older, it was hellish to try to get them to settle as wee babes, because at times they just wouldn't and didn't want a bar of the dummy, eek!
    Good luck with keeping up the good fight Jody xo


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