Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I have been wanting to share these with you for a while now, and the lovely Rach over at Picklebug has given me the perfect opportunity.

These simple treasures were rescued by my Mum from my Grandma's house, after my Grandfather died. 

They remind me so much of my childhood. They donkey always sat on the window ledge of my Grandma's kitchen and the frame is a picture of me she kept beside her bed, I probably bought it for her from one of those school fete's I can't quiet remember, but it has a sweet message I wrote for her in the back. I love them, they bring back so many fond memories. I am so thankful I can have them in my own home now.

These are just a couple of things my Mum collected for me, she saved them from the rubbish, she remembered how much they meant to me and I am oh so grateful. Other family members obviously don't care much for sentimental objects. There are more things I could show you too, but I will leave them for next week.

Do you have any treasures you've been waiting to share?


  1. They are so gorgeous! Yay, this is just what I was hoping for! Everyone has stuff they want to share, right? Here's a good excuse!

    Thanks for joining in Jody!

    Rach x

  2. My grandma had a little ceramic lamb on a shelf in the hallway. Everyone would always lick the bottom of it. No one remembers how it started. My mom now has the lamb. No one licks it anymore, but it still sits watch on a perch! (our family hygene has come a long way, I suppose) :)

  3. these are lovely sentimental treasures jody. what special pieces to remind you of cherished memories. xo.

  4. I love that little donkey - you probably smile everytime you look at it. Does it sit on your kitchen window now too or does it have its own special spot in your house?

  5. Very special treasures - how fortunate that they have come to you to be loved and cherished.

  6. Oh how lovely...the donkey is familiar...think I had an Aunt with one just like it!

  7. They are just gorgeous Jody. I have a small brass bell and some pots from my Grandma's house, my Mum also saved them for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, to answer your question, sheep sleep lying down with both eyes closed!

  8. Awww these are so precious Jody. They remind me of many little trinkets and nik naks I had as a child also. In fact I do have some lovely little treasures I could share to. I might look into it :o) xo


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